Tea Party Brat Takes Out Top RINO

This should have the Republican establishment running for the booze….

In a stunning upset propelled by tea party activists, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was defeated in Tuesday’s congressional primary, with insurgent David Brat delivering an unpredicted and devastating loss to the second most powerful Republican in the House who has widely been touted as a future speaker.

The race called shortly after 8 p.m. Eastern by the Associated Press.

I guess the GOP establishment and the liberal media may wish to start capitalizing “tea party” because they are officially no longer in the lower case.

After being all but counted out, tea party activist David Brat pulled off a stunning victory against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Tuesday in the Virginia GOP primary for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Associated Press reports.

With 202 of 243 precincts reporting, Brat lead Cantor 56 to 44 in the race. The AP was the first to call the contest for Brat.

In political terms, that was an ass whuppin’.

Beltway-based groups also spent heavily in the race. The American Chemistry Council, whose members include many blue chip companies, spent more than $300,000 on TV ads promoting Cantor. It’s the group’s only independent expenditure so far this election year. Political arms of the American College of Radiology, the National Rifle Association and the National Association of Realtors also spent money on ads to promote Cantor.

And someone need tell Harry Reid that big money doesn’t always win elections.

Roll Call reported that Cantor raised more money than Brat by a substantial margin, gathering $5.44 million in his effort to fend off the challenger, who raised $207,000.

So much for Virginia going blue.

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  1. Dr. Mauser

    This is that Tea Party that the media has declared dead so many times now?

  2. Richard White

    My prediction: The GOP — RNC and the Republican Congressional Committee (or whatever it’s called) — will totally ignore Brat this November. They will pray that he loses so that they can create the narrative that Tea Partiers can’t defeat Democrats in the general election, so smart Republicans will stick with establishment candidates.

    Time for tea party folks to close ranks with this guy and get him into Congress.

    • Tallyman

      The RNC serves its funders, not conservative voters. What RINOS are is bought and paid for sellouts. They walk the walk to be elected and then sellout their base for cash.

  3. Tallyman

    Good Riddens, neo-con RINO compromiser. It was reported Cantor outspent his opponent 20 to 1. Possibly, the Republican/conservative sheeple are waking up. The Republicans squandered the victory in 2010 by allowing Cantor and Boehner to continue to enable the DC establishment and Barack. The next step is for conservatives to vote for the Democrat to remove Boehner in his district. Boehner has no redeeming qualities, only a proven record of backstabbing.

    Change happens slowly, or by unexpected turns. The reality is the Fed prints a trillion dollars a year and gives it to benefit the 0.1% and destroy the middle class, while funding the takers on the dole. The Fed’s charter can be revoked and the power to print currency can be returned to Congress as stated in the Constitution. An audit of the Fed is just another delay tactic. Which of the sheeple will understand an accountant’s double talk in regard the Fed?

    The reality is the Fed serves the bankers, not the people. It is the BANKS who pick the directors [of the Fed] who pick the presidents who dominate the committee which decides to loan money back to the banks at 0% interest.
    How is this not a MASSIVE conflict of interest? Are we to believe that the interests of JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Citigroup are aligned with our own interests? “

    First Cantor, then onward. Why must we allow the DC cabal to protect and massively enrich its funders?

  4. NRPax

    The sting from that is going to be felt for a while. I approve.


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