Guess Who Came To Dinner?

Not sure who is leaking, but what’s coming out is telling…

A small contingent of right-wing elites was gathered for an intimate dinner party at the Great Falls, Va., home of ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell when returns first started trickling in from Rep. Eric Cantor’s primary race. They weren’t there to watch election coverage, but Tea Party Patriots President Jenny Beth Martin couldn’t help but check her phone for the early numbers. With the first two precincts reporting, she told the group, Cantor was trailing his obscure opponent, an economics professor named David Brat.

“Cantor should give his concession speech now!” Bozell joked.

Everyone laughed, but it wasn’t long before their phones started buzzing with the startling news: The House majority leader was about to lose his primary to a grassroots insurgent — upending the common wisdom in Washington that the tea party was dead, and serving notice to the old guard that the grassroots wasn’t done with the Republican civil war.

So, Jenny Beth Martin attended the dinner….

But with Cantor’s defeat, the leaders at Bozell’s dinner table had proof that the movement was still very much alive — a fact that warranted some gloating.

“Is the establishment going to get questions for the next week and a half asking whether they’re dead?” Martin asked sarcastically. “The fact of the matter is freedom is alive.”


BTW — Jamie Radtke was a failed Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Virginia…

Mr. Cantor’s support for granting citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants was what sealed his fate, tea party leaders said. Ms. Martin called him “one of the biggest amnesty pushers,” though Mr. Cantor hadn’t said whether he would support citizenship for adults in the country illegally.

Matt Kibbe, the president of FreedomWorks for America, which did not endorse Mr. Brat, said that Mr. Cantor’s defeat proves the rules of politics are changing. Some grassroots leaders in Virginia, he said, have more Facebook contacts than some county Republican leaders.

“The Internet has cut out the middleman and people are self-organizing,” he said. “They’re using social media. They’re getting information from multiple sources and that undermines all of the old tools of incumbency.”

The Tea Party has been co-opted by the self-serving who believe they and they alone should determine who should and should-not be supported. Like the national party, they have made their own subsistence and relevance the priority and we are left having to deal with the damage they do, and when there are successes they are the first to seize on it and claim credit.

Martin Tweet

Paid almost a half a million dollars a year from donations, that’s the best she could do.

I attended the original “9/12 Project” Tea Party rally in D.C. in 2009 and unfortunately that organic gathering was seen (and co-opted) by some as a means of tapping into a lot of other people’s money.

And as far as the “dinner” goes, who benefited from his or her attendance and subsequent quotes being made public? Someone there not only leaked details to the media, but there clearly was recording equipment brought on the premises (as the detailed quotes prove). Had I been there, I would have alerted those in attendance.

When are they going to learn?

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  1. Sagettaurus

    It does not seem like many of these Tea Party groups really do anything effective with the amount of money they get. All I see at those rallies are a few good speakers, lame bumper stickers with the Don’t Tread on Me snake and other, almost cheesy, tea party themed slogans for sale. And then sometimes you get these “patriotic” rock bands that blast awful music at a million decibels. It’s almost as if they are trying to keep people away!.

    If I had a tea party group, I would use donations to go after members of the press (and broader entertainment media) with the same vitroil and mocking that they use to go after people on our side.

    I’d hire a few PIs, dig up and make public things such as less than stellar college transcripts, arrest records, mortifying Facebook pics and posts from obnoxious young lib reporters. You go after the bigwigs too. Do an expose on how horrible and corrupt these major news and entertainment organizations are by interviewing disgruntled employees on the racist/sexist/homophobic atmosphere that no doubt exists within these studio. Watch their sponsors flee, the networks shrivel under the scrutiny, and ultimately the whole leftist propaganda machine be obliterated by those they seek to misinform. Without the media, the left is NOTHING.

    • Tallyman

      What infects these supposed Tea Parties is paid political consultants, seeking more income.

  2. cmjcexsquid

    There is one more bit of info that hasn’t been discussed (to my knowledge) yet. VA has an open primary that allows registered voters to vote in either party’s primary. Stay tuned for that…

  3. Tallyman

    Make your contributions directly. The middleman always takes a cut. Worse, whatever of your cash gets through, it’ll be credited to the middleman, not you. The Tea Party is not on the ballot.

    At the dinner, who knew of the recording and who didn’t? Cantor lost because the people are sick of the lies, with phoney team leaders wearing red R shirts pretend fighting with blue D shirts. The flaw of compromising is that the other side need only double its demands to get what they want. The Tea Party was a spirit which threw the government’s tea in the water and which now threw Cantor in the trash. A spirit is not a person nor leaders, it is a motivating idea.


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