WH Response Of ‘No Evidence’ In IRS Scandal Confirmed

With the recent revelation that Lois Lerner and staff’s hard drives containing what could have been incriminating emails have been “recycled” and thrown away, the standard White House response (when it comes to any allegation of impropriety) that there’s “no evidence” of wrongdoing is, in this case, factual.

Carney 060313The Obama administration has been using the “no evidence” retort, not to confirm or deny a charge, but to reiterate there was nothing that physically validated the allegation.

It’s clear they know when there is evidence and if so, how to assure there isn’t.

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  1. Tallyman

    1. These are the facts from “The U.S. Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB), formerly known as the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC), continues to be one of the most successful government IT programs aimed at helping to increase security, reduce costs, and accelerate the adoption of new technologies while creating a more efficiently managed desktop environment.
    Automatic scanning, expiration dates, email controls, and encrypting.
    Advanced backup to save and restore data more easily.”

    2. “New documents show the NSA collecting and storing all email sent or received, all web site usage, and all social media activity of everyone. In effect, the NSA has a complete history of your email … Any NSA analyst can examine anyone’s email or web history going back years by filling in an online search request form. NSA director insists only 35 people have access.” http://coldstreams.com/?p=5948

    The House can subpoena from both 1. and 2. . Anything less by Republicans make them enablers or accessories to Lerner/Barack.

  2. Richard White

    They’re reading from an old script. This has been around for a long time:

    Air Force pilot’s gripe sheet:

    “Evidence of hydrolic fluid leak in right main gear.”

    Mechanic’s fix:

    “Evidence removed.”


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