It Turns Out ‘Experts’ Spoke Too Soon About Michael Brown

It would now appear a lot of people have acted “stupidly”.

(KTVI)- Chief Tom Jackson confirms that the name of the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown is Darren Wilson.

Michael Brown was allegedly involved in a convenience store theft that occurred on August 9th at a nearby convenience store. The dispatch records and video footage of the robbery have been released. The strong arm robbery occurred between 11:53 and 11:54, immediately proceeding the teen’s shooting death.

There’s always another side to the story.

The media wants you to buy into the story that Michael Brown was a naive, helpless child who was puzzled when an evil police officer told him to get out of the street. He was not. “Big’mike Jr. Brown” was a six foot something, 260 pound, 18 year old gang member with a criminal history including burglary, “armed criminal action” and 1st degree assault.

In 2012 he was showing Blood signs. You will note the media chose not to use these photos of Brown.

Unfortunately, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, Anonymous, and the rest of the race exploitation industry indicted the Ferguson police and totally disregarded the possibility that Michael Brown wasn’t the innocent child they KNEW him to be.

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  1. Christen Varley

    I found ti very interesting yesterday that, along with this video, there were many reports that the officer was unaware of the robbery and Brown’s status as a suspect. It took me awhile because I’m not that smart but I finally realized Brown knew what he had just done. Maybe that accounts for his action/reaction to a simple request to not walk in the street?

  2. koala

    Brown was a thug but should not have been shot by the police unless it was in self defense. I do hope the store owner will wise up and take measures to defend himself.

    • Kevin McGrath

      The store owner has to get out of town, if his store hasn’t been destroyed already. Do you think the “Neighborhood” won’t eff’ this guy up because of this video? You don’t understand the law of the jungle.

      • Ronald Yunis

        His store was looted and destroyed. You can tell he was unarmed because the cop had to do the job he should have done in the first place.

  3. Tallyman

    There is so much misinformation and hype. Ferguson, Mo. Police Chief Thomas Jackson, said the two incidents were not related. He said Wilson did not know about the robbery when he confronted and then shot Brown

    This why every police officier should have individual cameras. There are solutions. Power corrupts. Running from the police should not be summarily punished by death. Lying
    on the ground and/or resisting arrest should not be summarily punished
    by death. Robbery should not summarily be punished by death. Police can be equipped with personal cameras so every
    encounter is recorded. ($249 per officer is cheaper than one court case
    against the police)… Some police departments have purchased cameras. (note the over-paid government price)… Why do the police and FBI oppose such cameras? Why cannot citizens be informed and allowed to present information to Grand Juries without it passing through a prosecutor? Looting doesn’t bring changes, but voting for DA’s and voting for politicians in charge of Police Departments does. The media is an enabler of the corrupt police/prosecutor/judge industrial complex.

    • koala

      Jackson contradicted himself about the officer not knowing about the store robbery.

      • Tallyman

        His contradiction was earlier reported by the NY Times. My copy above was spoken by the police chief on audio.

    • Ronald Yunis

      Actually, audio on a video just released shows a bystander confirming that he attacked and then rushed the cop who was holding a gun on him!

      • Tallyman

        I have a dash cam in my car, so that, just in case, I have proof.

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