Should The Police Abandon Ferguson?

They’re not trusted. They’re believed to be racist. They’re protested by the locals, the professional agitators, the federal government, and the national media.

And they’re targets….

Police officer shot in troubled U.S. city of Ferguson
Department of Justice admonishes Ferguson police
Why would anyone want to risk their lives for a community that doesn’t want them (because we all know Ferguson, Missouri is a law-abiding, peaceful town that’s under siege by rogue, racist police)?

Should the police abandon Ferguson?

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4 Responses

  1. Igor

    Have the police pull back, let the “Killkenny Cats in a Barrel” syndrome take over.

    People of Ferguson (those of you who are normal), arm yourselves. It’s really gonna get rough when the Grand Jury announces the Not Guilty verdict…

  2. 1Hoss

    Dumb-down the officer candidate test so more minorities can pass it, then hire those folks and assign them to the precincts largely representing black folks. That’s what they want, right, more black officers patrolling the friendly confines of black America. Of course, nobody kills black folks like other black folks. So, what would happen first: those black precincts sue the city (or cause some other kind of kerfuffle) for assigning them unqualified officers; or, those same precincts beg to have Officer Whitey(s) re-assigned to their neighborhoods. I’d say try the experiment out just to see if anybody would catch on, but the blinding obvious often eludes the left.

  3. teapartyguardian

    There’s a level of intelligence that needs to be achieved before rational thought can be understood. Brown was a thug who got carried away and then shot. The group mentality will never accept this due to two factors. 1. Race baiters like owebama, holder and sharpton speak loudly to those groups and 2. They’ve been conditioned to believe they’re the targets of law enforcement. God help Ferguson when the officer s found to be NOT guilty.


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