The Hunting Ground: Another Liberal Propaganda Bust

Aside from the false premise of a so-called “documentary” on the fear-inducing “campus rape culture”….

… we now get more evidence that not only was this a piece liberal indoctrination propaganda that repeated (and had repeated) very inaccurate statistics, but it was also very sloppily produced.

The statistics are not the only misleading part of the film. The sequence with students’ reactions to their college acceptances includes at least one short clip that is fake, taken from a prank video posted to YouTube last year purporting to feature a student vomiting after learning of her Harvard acceptance.

The student in the film, Nicole C. Hirschhorn ’16, was a sophomore at Harvard when she acted out the scene for campus comedy group On Harvard Time. After viewing that segment of the film, she confirmed that the clip in “The Hunting Ground” is from the prank video. She called the video “definitely fake.”

The short clip is included in the film with no indication that it is not authentic. Darren DeLuca, a publicist representing Dick, did not respond to a request for comment on the film’s fact-checking process or the YouTube video.

But when asked whether the film was meant to be a “truthful, journalistic documentary take on the issue,” Dick said, “Yes, absolutely.”

Liberals lie, they lie to the public, to children, and it will continue until they are called out and appropriately discredited.

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