Jenny Beth Martin’s Continued Opportunism

“This is our chance to fire John Boehner!”

“… our chance….”?

Jenny Beth Meadows emailYou’d think Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots had something to do with this….

Things are moving fast on Capitol Hill, and we must take action right away.

Conservative Representative Mark Meadows of North Carolina just filed a resolution that will vacate the Office of the Speaker of the House.

“… just filed….” Didn’t that happen yesterday? I guess the elderly and veterans she targets haven’t caught up yet.

If passed, this resolution will fire John Boehner, and Republicans will finally have a chance to elect a conservative Speaker.

Please, right this second, sign the national Fire John Boehner petition. Congressman Meadows is risking his entire career trying to fix Washington, and he needs our immediate support.

Wow, a petition!

The entire Tea Party movement must stand by Congressman Meadows and demand that other House Republicans do so as well.

Please click here now. We don’t have much time. Then, please forward this email to everyone you know.

Yeah, forward this email to everyone you know so she can expand her mailing list, her donor base, and inevitably the waistline.

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