Blowing Off the STOCK Act: How the DC Elected Get Rich

Ever wonder how a United States congressman who makes around $177,000 a year becomes a millionaire fairly quickly? Remember how panicked some of those Democrats were prior to the 2014 midterm?

Do you think it was out of potential disappointment for not being able to represent their constituents, or do you think it was something a little more personal?

Some of these representatives make Hillary “cattle futures” Clinton look like the rank amateur she was, but it sure answers the questions why our elected representatives (and their staffs) kick and claw to hold onto their seats. CBS’ 60 Minutes implied more Republicans were involved in this activity which experience tells us “insider trading” may have been more a Democrat caper than the media would let on.

After all, can’t have any Democrats bashing millionaires when many of them are and they really didn’t have to work very hard to earn it.

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