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Swedish school attack: second victim dies after stabbings
No calls yet for “knife” or “refugee” control
Migrants ‘torch tents’ in Slovenia camp
AP test results only reveal a tale of two school systems: Why is the city celebrating slight gains?
Social promotion fail
US Special Ops rescue ISIS hostages in Iraq, defense official says
There’s a shitload of Christians still waiting
Donald Trump has experienced a major shift in one of the most significant predictors of electoral success
Trump nears 100 days on top
Ben Carson Knocks Donald Trump from Top Spot in Iowa
‘Christian Voting Guide’ Gives Mike Huckabee ‘A,’ Donald Trump ‘F’
Trump’s impact on caucus turnout could be yuuuuge
Kristol: Look For A Rubio-Fiorina Ticket
Scarborough Accuses Kristol: ‘You’re Trying to Cover Your Ass’ About Trump
This was NOT supposed to happen
Rubio Defends Trump as ‘SNL’ Host
GOP leaders won’t pledge loyalty to Trump
Rush: The Republican Party Tries to Take Out Its Front-Runner
CSPAN Live Stream: Hillary Clinton Testimony at House Select Committee on Benghazi
Intel expert: New docs confirm Hillary gun-running op
Hillary Clinton worked to make diplomats safe
All Eyes On Hillary Clinton As She Testifies Before Benghazi Select Committee
Clinton’s Benghazi testimony, demeanor crucial in bid to earn voters’ trust
She’ll blow them off, the media will blow it off, her campaign will fundraise off it
Beware Claims of State Budget Cuts
When was the last time you heard politicians complain of no money to pay themselves?
Mizzou student labeled ‘Uncle Tom’ for defending Thomas Jefferson statue
And we’re lectured-to about civility
Jeb Bush Thinks Supergirl Is ‘Kind Of’ Hot, Informs Those At Campaign Event
Report Traces Jeb Bush’s Ties to Companies That Had Business With Florida
Just in case Jeb thought the media’s attention was solely on Trump…
Planned Parenthood gave governor ‘talking points’ on videos
Who’s the leader here?
American Islamic organization slams Trump for mosque comments
Stand by for the counter-punch
OPEC Members Undercutting Each Other in Fight for Market Share
Competition sucks, don’t it?
MSNBC’s Harris-Perry Seminar: Socialism Never Took Hold in USA Because… Racism
So, she’s implying all black people are socialists. And she’s a “teacher”
A Disadvantaged Start Hurts Boys More Than Girls
Uh oh. You mean boys need… fathers?
Bratton wants police recruits to see play about prejudice
Too bad it’s not a musical
11-Year-Old Cuffed After Hitting Classmate With Toy Gun
Nah, not an overreaction
Woman Who Gave Birth on Plane After ‘Sneaking on to Have Baby in US’ Deported WITHOUT Tot
As the mother intended the child to be an American, guess what probably will happen…
Paul Ryan for speaker
Freedom Caucus Majority Backs Paul Ryan for House Speaker
Paul Ryan Sold House Freedom Caucus a Bill of Goods in Private Meeting on Capitol Hill
More of the same, except on weekends
Carson Would Use Education Department to Monitor Colleges for ‘Extreme Political Bias’
Is a monitor really necessary to find “extreme political bias” on campus?
Gov. Brown’s link between climate change and wildfires is unsupported, fire experts say
Like Moonbeam will recognize the error in his thinking
Back to the Future: Dems walk out on vote again
Spoiled children seldom grow up
Spectre review: James Bond is back, stylish, camp and sexily pro-Snowden
Remember when action movies were fun, not political
Second case of alleged child porn reported at El Dorado County high school
And who sets the example at public schools?
Gloria Steinem: If Biden Was a Woman, His Son’s Death Would Be a Political Setback
DNC: Black Lives Matter Can Have Town Hall, But Not Debate
Kinda hard to reign in your own beast
Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I knew isn’t in this movie
Hollywood revisionism tends to do this
Saudi Arabia Is Buying The Littoral Combat Ship The U.S. Navy Desperately Needs
U.S. Navy Considering Adding Anti-Ship Missiles Back to Submarine Force
A new Chinese anti-ship ballistic missile is bad news for US aircraft carriers
What a mess
White House says Congress must act to help Puerto Rico
Secret Memo Reveals Obama’s Effort to Flood Labor Market With Illegals
How about Americans here first…
Water bills will creep up next year in L.A. because we’ve conserved so much
Bay Area first: Wood-burning heating devices to be banned in new homes
Warm up by standing next to a solar panel

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