JennyBeth Martin: Ted Cruz is ‘Not Afraid to Back Down’

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Okay, it’s obvious self-appointed Tea Party leader JennyBeth Martin misspoke during her interview with Michael Savage, but as she’s still living large off the generous donations of the conservative elderly, veterans, and engaged Republicans, one would think she’d be able to correctly articulate a message to a national audience without a teleprompter.

Michael Savage showed great patience interviewing this intellectual “conservative” lightweight but unfortunately he doesn’t appear to know her to be the opportunist she is or hopefully he’d never have had this Tea Party Patriots self-serving exploiter on his show in the first place….

JennyBeth Martin has been embraced by the “nonprofit” conservative class because of a movement she co-opted (along with that large number of potential donors on lists shared), which really says something about the true integrity of those within the “leadership” of the conservative movement and their true narcissistic and financial motives.

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