The Black & Blonde Media New Year’s Eve Skim

Twitter: Trump Tweets “Love!” to his perpetually-enraged haters
Washington Examiner: Obama believes it his duty to impose himself on us for the foreseeable future
Boston Globe: Democrats slow to understand their “identity politics” strategy blew up in their faces again
WJAC: Open season on our police officers continues on in Pennsylvania
NPR: Continuing the Russian hack diversion to the easily duped
Daily Mail (UK): Angela Merkel doing a too-little-too-late about-face on “terrorism” after she screwed her nation in the name of PC inclusion
Daily Sentinel: Clueless Colorado liberals want to send the EPA to war-zones instead of the military. Good luck with that
CBS News: And who told out-of-work seniors to go and get reeducated so they could thrive in the new Obama economy?
Yahoo Sports: Hopefully a humiliating knock out of Rousey will make her go away for good
Daily Express (UK): Now the Obama admin is pissed at Theresa May for not backing Kerry
Fox News: Obama’s petty “revenge tour” being recognized for the unpresidential hissy fit it is
Daily Mail (UK): Russian social media going off on Obama
Associated Press: Malware found on ONE laptop being made into another Russian infraction. BTW, where was the laptop’s owner visiting?
Senate: Leaky Leahy comments on so-called Russian hack of Vermont power grid
Washington Post: Suddenly Trump and Putin making PEACE is a bad thing
Arutz Sheva (Israel): Canada’s relocation of embassy to Jerusalem another public middle finger to UN and Obama
San Francisco Chronicle: Russian consul general throwing liberal language in their faces
Daily Express (UK): Business as usual. Deadly Muslim terror in Baghdad continues on
This is Insider: The Agence France-Presse caught on #FakeNews about Russian hack-election vote
Wichita Eagle: Illegal Mexican (like Trump warned about) deported 19 times, raped a 13-year-old girl
The Tower: While Obama’s lectured, golfed, and vacationed, Iran and North Korea work together on nukes
Daily Mail (UK): An ISIS “general” and 400 Syrian “soldiers” walking around free in Europe
Washington Post: More illegals (who assume we want them) flooding in before Trump assumes office
NBC Bay Area: Russian chef expelled but the consulate will avoid the local hummus and kale
Bloomberg: Conway’s husband to be Solicitor General? Must be nice to be so hooked up
News & Observer (Raleigh): When Dems defang Republicans, they gloat. When the other way around, DEMOCRACY IS LOST!
KSTP: Post-election Planned Parenthood donations way up. Time to kill off the next generation of opposition
Daily Mail (UK): Watch how quickly Gretchen Carlson unveils her liberal side on the Today Show
Fox News: Just what could happen with no carrier group in the Middle East next week?
Reuters: Yet another reason Arizona failed when they put McCain back on the Hill
Campus Reform: Another traumatized snowflake needs recovery time and expense
Daily Mail (UK): Five Afghan refugees who gang-raped a boy won’t be sent home because it’s too dangerous?
Facebook: #BlackLivesMatter Starbucks piece-of-shit barista spits in police officer’s coffee
Irish Central: Trump sending a Kennedy to Ireland. Hopefully Brian Burns is “you know” free
Fox News: Hawaii’s Café 8/12 has just discovered how many Trump customers they had
Pro Football Talk: Someone need remind 91-year-old Marv Levy that his Bills lost the Super Bowl four years in a row
WJLA: Twenty-plus more reasons to avoid Craigslist, if you value your life
Adelaide Now (Australia): Car bombing outside Christian building had NOTHING to do with Muslims… sure
WSVN (Seattle): Now we know what a “porn recruiter” is
Mediaite: Dershowitz has had it with the DNC’s embrace of radical Muslim Ellison
The Hill: Poor Democrats tight-walking the ObamaCare wreckage he’s walking away from
Mediaite: Add DC’s Mama Ayesha to the list of restaurants giving the middle finger to their Trump customers
ARA News: ISIS showing more resilience in Syria
Zerohedge: Obama’s “fuck you” (past and pending) to Israel may be a resume-cover letter to the UN for the next Secretary opening
Gateway Pundit: More people watched HGTV than CNN last year. Just what does THAT tell ya?
Daily Mail (UK): Michael Skakel is just not high up in the Kennedy chain to get away with murder
ESPN: A 49ers award to Kaepernick: “best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of Len Eshmont, an original member of the 1946 49ers team” should be met with disdain by real Niners
KWWL: This young Kennedy didn’t get away with either
The Guardian (UK): Thanks to Obama’s new normal, trucks are being parked outside Times Square to counter Muslim carnage potential
Breitbart: Obama dumps 502 refugees in the Nebraska that voted for Trump
Daily Express (UK): Trump and Putin understand Obama for the petty little man he is
Daily Caller: TREASON! Tweets from liberals illustrate how easy it is to manipulate the willfully ignorant
Townhall: Only now are Democrats realizing just how bad Obama has damaged the brand
NY Post: Cuomo frees a Weather Underground accomplice because she’s a woman
Washington Times: Milo proves how easy it it to become a Republican “rock star” despite liberal whining
Slate: 2016 was all about racism. Yes, that’s all they got
Atlanta Journal Constitution: If a dog doesn’t want to wear a cute garment for narcissistic owner, take the hint

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  1. Bob Katt

    It’s 5:30 am in Hawaii and Obama is probably still asleep. I’ve been able to enjoy several hours of the new year without Obama doing something childish.


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