The B&B Media Black Monday Skim

The Hill: Washington Post corrects story on Vermont utility breach

Washington Post retracts story about Russian hack at Vermont utility
A drooling media still reported what they wanted to be true
USA Today: Russia penetrated Vermont utility company computer
NPR: U.S. Officials Say Russia Hacked A Vermont Utility
Bloomberg: Russian Hacking Code Found in Vermont Power Utility Computer
Trump promises to disclose details about Russian hacking
When will the Washington Post be added to that #FakeNews list?

Barack Obama defends his legacy as he looks back on his presidential record in emotional series of tweets as 2017 begins
Back to work! Obama heads to Washington following his Christmas vacation as he enters his final weeks as president
It’s going to be a long two-plus weeks
Clinton’s ‘storm of problems’ lost her the election, NOT Russia, says top Democrat adviser
Very odd comments coming from Karen Finney
Democrats plan to target eight Trump Cabinet nominees
Irrelevance is an ugly thing
‘Political retribution?’ Trump’s new press secretary questions Obama’s Russian sanctions
The horror
‘Off her rocker’ Merkel mocked for urging Germans to beat terror with love and compassion
Note: Liberal/socialist/progressives offer more “love and compassion” towards terrorists than to conservative/Republicans
NFL Black Monday 2017: Coaches on Hot Seat Rumors and Firing News
Rex Ryan’s firing in Buffalo is another early Black Monday move
Chargers fire Mike McCoy as head coach shortly after season finale
Black Monday arrives early
And many of these loser coaches will wind up hired soon
Despite Trust Act, Boston police handed over immigrants for deportation
Would the bleeding hearts “trust” having them in their neighborhood?
Obama could still force Merrick Garland onto court during ‘intersession recess’
Sorry, it won’t happen
Priebus faces daunting task bringing order to White House that will feed off chaos
Believe the Washington Post…:P
Huge twin blasts and GUNFIRE heard at international airport
Pre-teen Nigeria bomber detonates early, second bomber lynched
Italy bomb squad expert loses eye, hand to exploding package
Terrorists freed and police officer killed during prison break in Bahrain
Who does that?
Cologne police chief rejects claims of ‘racial profiling’ after 100s of ‘African’ men detained
Haven’t heard of any mass rape in Cologne this year. Coincidence?
762 murdered in Chicago in 2016, CPD releases plan to curb violence
No outrage from the old, white gun control elite
Bloody retribution: Turkey’s jets and tanks hit 100 ISIS targets in Northern Syria just hours after the terror group’s gunman kills 39 New Year’s Eve revellers in an Istanbul nightclub
Slightly more substantive than a statement of outrage and condolence
Republican congresswoman confirms she’s been working with Ivanka Trump on child care reform as the first daughter-to-be prepares to move to DC
Again, with all due respect, how many people voted for Ivanka Trump?
CNN Don Lemon’s live antics leave a sour taste
Freak acceptance encourages freak behavior
ISIS ‘planning mass attack in Britain’ and ‘has “no moral barrier” to using chemical weapons’
Maybe this will make the inclusive take this Muslim thing a little more seriously. Maybe…?
Trump kicks author of critical biography off his golf course
The butt-Hurt wanted the attention
Obama’s closest adviser says president has been scandal-free
It helps when you pussify the media with that ever-present threat of racism
The Biggest Media Trend of 2016? Abject Humiliation of the Media
A pertinent question to be asked is just what does it take to be a “journalist” today?
Donald Trump Offers a Cyber-Security Prescription: ‘Old-Fashioned’ Paper Sent by Courier
We tend to revert to old school for a reason
Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda
The Nation: A Resolution for 2017: Keep Reminding Trump That He Has No Mandate
Be ready for four years of liberal screeching
Hillary Clinton: The Guardian person of the year 2016
It’s The Guardian
Van Jones Says Muslim Keith Ellison Is Future of the Democratic Party
Fine, let them embrace the suck
‘Who needs to drop the ball when Mariah already covered it?’ Twitter mercilessly trashes diva for her epic New Year’s Eve meltdown on Times Square stage
Some people just don’t know when to enjoy the royalties and go away
Vandalized Hollywood sign briefly reads ‘HOLLYWeeD’
Reality will stay up much longer

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