The Black & Blonde Media Tuesday Skim

Young Migrants Wreak New Year’s Eve Havoc in Bavarian City
Sex Attacks Plague Austria’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations
1,000-Man Mob Attack Police, Set Germany’s Oldest Church Alight on New Year’s Eve
FRANCE BURNING: Officials ‘HIDE’ arson stats as 1,000 cars set alight in sinister torching
It’s not “hiding”. The police are outnumbered by the thousands of Muslim refugees allowed in
French presidential candidate Macron praises Merkel’s refugee policy, says saved Europe’s dignity
Those statements will come back to haunt
Whatever happened to that smooth transition Obama vowed?
Pravda: Obama’s Tantrum: Puerile, Infantile and Silly. His Political Epitaph.
The pathetic end of the Obama era
It’s been “pathetic” for the last eight years, especially regarding Obama’s “word”
Bill Clinton vows major donation to foundation
Because the Clinton name is FINALLY shit
Washington Post: Ethics advocates warn Trump that he needs to do more to divest from family business
Oversight abolished! House GOP strips power away from ethics watchdog
House GOP Votes to Severely Weaken the Office of Congressional Ethics
Trump tweets disapproval of GOP move to gut congressional ethics office
House GOP reverses course on gutting ethics panel
The “GOP” was never on the same page with Trump and those who elected him
CIA, FBI, And Loretta Lynch Now Being SUED For Actual Proof Of “Russian Hackers”
‘Not enough data to show Russian link to election’ – Wordfence CEO
Political retribution? Trump press sec questions Russia sanctions, brings up unanswered ‘China hack’
Assange says he is ‘1,000% confident’ that Russia was NOT the source for hacked Democratic emails which were published by WikiLeaks
Julian Assange has yet to lie to us. On the other hand….
Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance
Any responsible incoming CEO wants to know what kind of shit they’re inheriting
Soros’ bleak 2017 forecast: Billionaire warns EU will FALL after elite ‘STOLE democracy’
Sucks being out of power and influence
Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Clinton Email Lawsuits
Let’s rethink that whole Obama pardon for Hillary thing
Asylum seekers scam German aid program for millions by applying with ‘up to 12’ fake IDs
Bet’cha they got tips from those who “advocate” for our illegals
‘Wet elephant’ taxpayer-funded £18MILLION tidal energy scheme supposed to power 600 homes stops working after just three months
A consistent “alternative energy” result
Turkish police arrests 8 suspects in Istanbul night club attack
Made more difficult in a city full of enabling accomplices
Ford cancels Mexico plant. Will create 700 U.S. jobs in ‘vote of confidence’ in Trump
Trump blasts General Motors: Make Chevy Cruze model in US or ‘pay big border tax’
Will we see a pattern…?
Black Lives Matter offshoot embraces anti-Semitism, engages with terrorists
Former Chicago police chief blasts Black Lives Matter
#BLM has validated and excused bad behavior and exacerbated crime against civilians and the police
CBS News: More cases of Russian cyberattacks come to light
One unnamed source and no new conclusion despite a provocative, click-bait headline
Environmentalists Hand Out Condoms to Protest Feared Trump-Era Overpopulation
Basic math-challenged liberals. We will soon outnumber them
The Return of Civil Disobedience
“Civil disobedience” is one thing. Inconvenience, destruction, death? Oh, well
‘It’s organized chaos!’: White House staff reveal preparations for inauguration moving day- when they’ll have just SIX HOURS to move out the Obamas and move in the Trumps
How many of us remember what went on after getting the word an admiral was coming onboard?
Mayhem at airports as immigration system inexplicably crashes – causing huge lines and hours of disruption on one of the busiest travel days of the year – but officials dismiss suggestion of hacking
And just why would that be?
Claiming mandate, GOP Congress lays plans to propel sweeping conservative agenda
Democrats prepare for early ‘act of cowardice’ with GOP attempt to repeal Obamacare
Flashback 2014: ‘Elections have consequences’: Does Obama regret saying that now?
He’s probably pissed he’s still being reminded
New campus program asks ‘What is masculinity?’
University of Wisconsin-Madison: yet another campus to reconsider sending a student to
Top CFR Globalist Warns UN Will Get “Hammered” by Trump
As they should be
Sen. Barbara Boxer: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in ‘Judicial Emergency’
Trump flipping the most overruled liberal court is an “emergency”
SHOCK CLAIM: The CIA ‘is trying to ASSASSINATE Donald Trump before he takes office’
The swamp is full of deadly alligators
Leslie Jones calls out publisher over Milo Yiannopoulos’ book deal
Who? Oh, Jones was in that Ghostbusters “reboot” very few people saw
Interview with TPPF’s James Quintero on the Texas Municipal Pension Debt Crisis
It’s a nationwide timebomb
Two weeks to go: Downbeat-looking Sasha and Malia return from Hawaii with their parents after last family vacation on Air Force One
Reality is setting in
Trump Picks China Critic Robert Lighthizer As US Trade Representative
Good, as China steals from everyone
North Korea May Be Developing a Dirty Bomb Drone
Hopefully Popular Mechanics didn’t tell them what they did wrong
Alabama band to march at inauguration, igniting controversy
Again, that progressive assumption that we all think and vote alike
NY governor: Brinks heist getaway driver is community-minded
All you have to do is be a liberal activist to get a pass
‘I’m gay’: Sister Wives’ daughter Mariah, 21, shocks her parents by coming out as a lesbian
Reality television brings out the freaks
Democrats target eight cabinet nominees, threaten to drag out process
As expected by the powerless

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