The Black & Blonde Media Thursday Skim

Washington Post: 4 held after video shows group assaulting disabled man while railing against Trump and whites
New York Times: 4 Questioned After Video Shows Racially Charged Beating in Chicago
CNN: 4 arrested in beating broadcast on Facebook Live
Chicago Sun Times: CPD: Attack on mentally disabled man posted on social media
Fox 32: 4 in custody after mentally disabled man tied up, tortured on Facebook Live
The Blaze: Chicago foursome in custody after live streaming kidnapping and torturing Trump supporter
Funny how they all left out the race of those arrested and that “Fuck Donald Trump” chant. “Fuck white people” inconclusive to designate this a hate crime
The FBI Never Asked For Access To Hacked Computer Servers
The “plausible deniability” game
Trump Derangement Syndrome reaches epidemic levels
Rasmussen: 57% of Democrats Want Trump to Succeed
Thus, the continued disconnect between the politicians and their voters
Hillary Clinton Urged to Run for New York Mayor
Some people just have to suck off the taxpayer for a living
Macy’s slashes 10,000 jobs after subpar holiday sales
Maybe they should reflect on their selection and prices
The Scandals That Valerie Jarrett Overlooked
We were to take her word for it
Cruz, DeSantis push for congressional term limits
This vote will be revealing
Trump wants to shake up the CIA
Way too many vindictive career Democrats in the house

Years ago, we were taken to task because we dared question the intelligence and competency of the “wonderful” Alisyn Camerota while at Fox News. We’ll take every opportunity given by Alisyn to repeat we-told-you-so!

Dylann Roof, Addressing Court, Offers No Apology or Explanation for Massacre
Was one really expected?
WSJ Editor: Dan Rather Preaching Journalistic Ethics is Like Keith Richards Preaching Abstinence
Unless you’re in the media, it’s not a good thing to lie on the job
Did the Clinton Foundation pay for Chelsea’s wedding?
Is this a rhetorical question?
Over 2,400 Progressive Faith Leaders Want Trump Meeting to Counter ‘So-Called White Evangelicals’
How you can be Christian and support the killing of the unborn makes them irrelevant
Researchers splashed out £50,000 of taxpayers’ on study into toilet signs that won’t offend transgender users
Yes, a university project
With Trump Set To Accede An Otherworldly Pessimism Engulfs the Democrats
They are who they’ve always been
American Islamic Scholar: Horrific Antisemitism Rampant Among Muslims Antithetical to Their Religion
“Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers” – jihad on churches — including those in America and Europe
Unlike our politicians, ISIS has yet to lie to us
Pressure on Obama to grant last-minute pardons, commutations
That list will jog some memories
U.S. Rep. Schakowsky: GOP might use waterboarding to punish for livestreaming
We can envision that
It started with a retiree. Now the Women’s March could be the biggest inauguration demonstration
Thousands of screeching, scraggly-haired, Patchouli-stinkin’ women all in one place
Joke or No Joke? Comedian Rob Schneider Makes Bid on Twitter to Buy 49ers
“You can do it!”
Time’s almost up! Moving trucks pull up outside the White House as the Obamas prepare for life after the presidency
Hopefully someone’s watching what’s being “moved” out
Bible students are warned… you may find the crucifixion too upsetting!
But they’ll watch any number of R-rated Hollywood horror movies
Why wasn’t foreign killer turned away at the UK border? Afghan who beheaded Dutch woman is allowed into Britain… where he assaulted a Gatwick staff member and two police officers with a HAMMER
Lawyer: Afghan Murderer Attacked Cops With Claw Hammer Because Left-Hand Drive Britain Is Too Stressful
Assimilation is considered an insult to those arriving
Four Guantanamo detainees transferring to Saudi Arabia, as part of final wave
Obama’s final observances of his “Muslim Protection Act”
‘Give the Man a Chance:’ San Quentin Inmates Who Supported Clinton Say Trump Deserves a Shot
They’ve had time to think this through
Husband of former U.S. Embassy official in Morocco sentenced in sex-abuse case
That climate will change and quickly
Obama’s Hawaii vacation home up for rent — for $4,500 a night
We paid for that
Germany warns Facebook over hateful posts, igniting free speech debate
Letting politicians decide is a big mistake
Filibuster This: Democrats Pay A Huge Price For Gutting The Senate’s Supermajority Rule
How many times have we said that shortsighted Democrats whine after their revenge bills blow up in their faces
DC Law Enforcement Demand Removal Of Capitol Painting Depicting Cops As Racist Pigs
Didn’t know Congresspersons were now art critics
Federal report finds Colorado Obamacare exchange potentially misused millions
The typical high-jinx
Ex-Senator Coats is top candidate for director of national intelligence: NBC News
Good pick
Massachusetts sheriff offers up inmates to build Trump’s border wall
It will be interesting to see how many volunteer
Video: Columbia University Students Support Female Genital Mutilation
It’s “their body” for now, but many they sympathize with would mandate it tomorrow
Trump’s deportation vow spurs California farmers into action
Trump effect? Bill targeting H1B visas reintroduced in US Congress
Nothing seems to be dragged out lately
Trump Restaurant for Falafel: a Syrian Kurd names restaurant in Kobane after US President-elect
The opposite of what’s happening in some American restaurants
Obama’s Weak Defense of His Record on Drone Killings
This is what you get when he’s interviewed by an activist who wrote a book called “My President Was Black”
Bo Bice in Tears as He Claims ‘Racial Prejudice’ After Being Called ‘White Boy’ at Popeyes
Welcome to Obama’s legacy, Bo
Bevin, GOP lawmakers push anti-union bills as angry workers chant in hallways
“Elections have consequences”

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