Despite Laying Low, McCain’s Fingerprints All Over Trump Smear

If this past presidential election has taught us anything, the egos of the political elite are more important than the future of the American people.

The Independent has learned that US Senator John McCain spoke to Sir Andrew Wood, who served in Moscow as the UK’s head of mission for five years, about claims that the US President-elect was susceptible to blackmail over alleged sexual activity and that his team had colluded with Moscow during the presidential election campaign.

The meeting took place at an international security conference in Halifax, Canada, last November, after Mr Trump’s victory. Mr McCain, the chair of the Senate armed forces committee, was so concerned by what he had heard that he personally met James Comey, the director of the FBI, after returning from the Canadian conference, and passed on the information. It formed part of a report about Russian interference in the US presidential election process which was presented to Barack Obama and Mr Trump by the intelligence agencies last week.
The Independent (UK), 1/12/17

So immediately after the election, Senator John McCain took a little trip north to Halifax and kinda’ sided with those not happy about the election of Donald Trump.

So much for the protocol of not bad-mouthing our nation outside of our borders.

Some Republican legislators attending seemed to support Trump, yet simultaneously raise opposition to some of his specific policy ideas.

“I believe there’s every opportunity for us to work together,” said Sen. John McCain, the chairperson of the armed services committee, during an interview with one of the moderators. Yet, he also differed with the president-elect’s campaign positions on everything from reworking the North American Free Trade Agreement to cosying up with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Syria.
 The Star (CA), 11/19/16

Not that we’re wandering into the weeds, but the Halifax International Security Forum is yet another Washington, D.C. nonprofit (“Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy”) that holds their annual conference in another country….

and their sources of funding are apparently nobody’s damn business.

While John McCain was not the only United States politician participating, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask why he was on foreign soil without a whole lot of disclosure to the American taxpayers who probably footed some of his travel expenses, spoke out against the Republican President-Elect, and just happened to meet up with a foreign agent who gave him political dirt that he ended up handing over to the FBI Director.

This is not as simple as McCain wants us to believe, but like most things on Capitol Hill, it’s all coming out in drips.

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