#PussyJournalism: When Qualifications Don’t Matter

What does it take to get a prominent job in the broadcast media with international face time?

Well, it certainly doesn’t appear to require an established background in journalism.

Marie Harf, a deputy spokeswoman for the State Department under the Obama administration, is joining Fox News as a contributor. Fox News announced Monday that Harf, a Democrat, “will offer national security and political analysis” and that she will begin appearing on air Monday. Harf was often a subject of ridicule, mostly by conservatives, for comments she made at the State Department during her tenure.
Washington Examiner, 1/23/17

For those of you who may need a little review on what she’ll bring to Fox News….

As we’re talking Fox News, all it really takes is blonde hair and you know we’re all going to see very soon how well the camera (and targeted “conservative” men) likes her legs in heels.

One would think there are potentially thousands of qualified and experienced on-air talent that wouldn’t require on-the-job training, seeing how Harf has NO prior media experience, but she’s just the latest to join the club of the well-paid, no-experience to be vaulted into the world of TV news.

CNN announced in a press release that Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura would be one of four reporters to cover the Justice Department in 2017. The New York Post broke the news that Jarrett had been hired in September, though a formal announcement about her beat did not come until Thursday.

Jarrett has long wanted to work in television news, though being an objective reporter was not her original goal. She does not, however, appear to have any journalism experience. Her last publishing stint came while she attended Harvard Law School.
Washington Free Beacon, 1/19/17

All it apparently takes is wanting to work in the industry and if you know the right person or have an important relative, that’s all it takes.

Chelsea Clinton earned an annual salary of $600,000 at NBC News before switching to a month-to-month contract earlier this year, sources with knowledge of the agreement told POLITICO.

Clinton, who joined NBC News as a special correspondent in November 2011, was up for renewal or nonrenewal this year. Instead, the sources said, the network decided to keep her on the payroll on a month-to-month basis so the two parties could sever ties if Clinton’s mother, Hillary Clinton, runs for president.
Politico, 6/13/14

That whole “renewal or nonrenewal” thing has to have been some kind of response to the pissed off at the Peacock Network that had worked there for years, for a whole lot less and had more to show on their reel than this….

Those within the upper echelons of the news media lament the fact many of us aren’t listening to them.

Well, if you just put anyone on our televisions, they shouldn’t be surprised when many of us seek out those who not only know what they’re talking about but actually know what they’re doing in the first place.

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