#MarchForLife 2017

Given the blatant dare issued by President Donald Trump to the media to fairly report on the 44th annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., there aren’t the traditional stories where the minuscule pro-abortion disruptors are given the appearance of equal size and impact.

In response to the presidential dare (in comparison to the leftist Women’s March held a week prior), there was relatively scant national media coverage of the 2017 pro-life event which could be attributed to their bias-by-omission SOP.

ABC deletes Trump’s March for Life reference in its online transcript

While there were numerous pieces written about the optimism President Trump gives the pro-life movement with his coming pick of a Supreme Court judge who may finally lead to the overturn of the Roe vs. Wade ruling, Trump-bashing became the expected go-to side story.

NPR: Anti-Abortion Rights, But Not Necessarily Pro-Trump At March For Life
HuffPo: Women At March For Life Are Deeply Conflicted About Donald Trump
Jezebel: Even Women at the March For Life Don’t Like Donald Trump

The fact remains there weren’t more than 30-35 pro-abortion protesters at the March in comparison to the tens of thousands of pro-lifers who walked by the United States Supreme Court compared to the near million supporters of life from all over who just kept coming.

In comparison to progressive events, law enforcement officials we talked to had virtually no concerns of the violent disruptions normally associated with liberals and added pro-lifers have always treated them politely and with respect through the years.

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