#BLM Seattle Preschool Teacher: ‘The White House Must Die!’

Before some of you get all bent out of shape about what you are about to see, remember George Soros has deliberately chosen useful idiot black women to be the big-mouthpieces for #BlackLivesMatter because we all know what would rightly happen to any man who got in your face or worse.

And nothing good ever comes from giving an irrational woman a megaphone….

We can only assume this “protest” was in response to President Trump’s action on persons entering the country. Hopefully this black “preschool teacher” talking shit in public (and having her words originally streamed and later recorded for posterity) will be found, arrested, and imprisoned for issuing threats and incitement to commit acts of violence.

At the least, she should lose her job because anyone with that kind of hate should NEVER be given access to children. What’s scary is we all know her kind is exclusive to the Seattle school system or the rest of the nation’s public schools.

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