Now, Jerry Brown Has to Cross the Bridge He Burned

Almost every responsible parent, at some point, warns their child about the perils of burning bridges and the crow that may have to be consumed if those eternal words of wisdom aren’t heeded.

From the campaign through the inauguration, bashing Donald Trump was a status enhancer for liberal Democrats. The more public and inflammatory, the better and California Governor Jerry Brown was no slouch.

Politico: Poll: California rallies around Jerry Brown, eager to battle Trump
USA Today: Gov. Jerry Brown hits Trump in annual address
Mother Jones: Jerry Brown Vows to Fight Trump on Climate: “California Will Launch Its Own Damn Satellite”
CNN: Gov to Trump: ‘California is not turning back. Not now, not ever’
Bloomberg: Jerry Brown Calls Trump Wall Proposal ‘Absolutely Preposterous’
The Nation: California’s Jerry Brown Has Laid Down a Direct Challenge to Trump
Variety: Jerry Brown Calls Donald Trump a ‘Fraud’

At one point, Brown even bragged about California’s fiscal independence meant as a thumb in President Trump’s eye.

WSJ: Gov. Brown Unveils Budget Plan Reflecting California’s Financial Comeback
CBS SF: California Could Cut Off Feds In Response To Trump Threats
San Jose Mercury News: Defiant California Legislature fast-tracks ‘sanctuary state’ bills
NY Mag: Is California Really Going to Secede?

One would think such shit talking could be backed up by a state so fiscally jacked, they could just walk away from anything a recalcitrant Trump demanded. Then again, we ARE talking about California: a state in denial about the costs incurred to maintain the illegal alien paradise they’re so proud of.

On many occasions, we’ve noted the Democrat tendency towards shortsightedness, failure to accept the cyclical nature of politics,  and in their zeal to deliver immediate body blows, fail to understand those same punches will come back and land on them. Whether it’s public policy or petty name-calling, having to walk across bridges intentionally and gleefully burned will be a practice Trump supporters will watch with a certain amount of enjoyment, even in the face of tragedy.

In December, Gov. Jerry Brown asserted California’s independence and blasted President Donald Trump for dismissing climate change.

On Friday, the governor turned to his potential nemesis for help — specifically, asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to declare a major disaster after the state was hammered by storms, floods and mudslides.

The state could also turn to its California’s Republican House members, such as Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, to smooth relations with the Trump administration — and Vice President Mike Pence, a former Indiana governor, could be sympathetic to the state’s needs, Pitney said.
San Jose Mercury News, 2/12/17

Of course, President Trump will be reminded of his duties as President of the United States, his obligation to rise about the heated rhetoric of the campaign, and just give California $162 million to repair storm-related damage they can’t afford on their own. The fact California is a fiscal basket case due to the irresponsible, rampant spending by an out-of-control Democrat-led State Assembly will be reported as a mere side note and the fact Governor Brown has admitted California is too broke to take care of her own citizens will be a golden opportunity for Trump to do what he does best: make a deal.

Governor Jerry Brown’s having to come to the table with President Trump will be humiliating enough.

Having to cross the bridge he burned to get there and negotiate that deal from a position of real weakness will be humbling, indeed.

Note: It will also be interesting to see if Governor Brown speed dials some in the Hollywood intelligentsia and asks them to tone things down a bit during the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, seeing how further insulting the president may be a tad counter-productive at this delicate political time.

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  1. Craig

    Hello, Bob; sorry it’s been a while, but Real Life got in the way. I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I was the one who wrote that article about your visit to RWU back in 2009.
    I just had to comment on this: Haven’t you written before that “the same people who you f*** over on the way up are the same people who you meet again on the way back down”? Or is that not quite the same thing here?
    Well, in any case, here’s a scene from that short-lived TV series “BOSS” (starring Kelsey Grammer) were someone literally has to get on his knees to apologize to him…


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