Stephanopoulos, Media Step in Miller’s NH ‘Busing’ Trap

As usual, the media is repeating in unison the “no evidence” whine regarding Trump advisor Stephen Miller’s assertion that voter fraud exists, is rampant, and all one need do is look at the Democrats who’re routinely bused into New Hampshire to affect a particular vote.

I have actually, having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters into New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real. It’s very serious.
Stephen Miller, White House senior policy adviser on ABC’s “The Week”

ABC’s This Week host George Stephanopoulos went on attack mode, repeatedly interrupting there was “NO EVIDENCE” to back up the claim that shenanigans routinely occur in New Hampshire. The confrontation occurs at the 14:49 mark of the segment in question.

While Stephanopoulos (as well as many so-called news outlets today) viciously challenged the New Hampshire claim, it’s also clear none have done (or want to do) the simplest of research; research that would have them back up and rethink their knee-jerk, partisan dismissals.

2015: Voting in NH: Still open to non-residents
Among the veto overrides to be considered Wednesday is Senate Bill 179, which would require a 30-day waiting period before someone who moved to New Hampshire could vote in an election here. There is little chance to override Gov. Maggie Hassan’s veto for one reason — Democrats want non-residents to vote in New Hampshire elections.

In fact, Hassan and her party have worked overtime to ensure that every effort to restrict voting to “lawful residents” of New Hampshire is thwarted. They will do so again Wednesday while accusing Republicans of wanting to disenfranchise people.

It’s always instructive to observe the sentiments from the locals on the ground, so, let’s get specific.

2016: MoveOn Busing Canvassers Into NH is going to bus canvassers from ‘safe states’ to “get out the vote” in New Hampshire over the next few days. They’ll be pimping for the felonious Hillary Clinton and her meat-puppet rubber stamp Maggie Hassan. They are trying to get Bernie supporters and disenfranchised others to show up and vote for Hillary even though she stole the nomination from them.

Here’s the email from MoveOn.

The most recent state-level polls add up to an astounding conclusion: If we throw absolutely everything we’ve got at this election in the next 13 days, we could put Hillary Clinton in the White House with a Democratic majority in the Senate.

That’s worth getting on a free MoveOn bus to a critical state like New Hampshire for a day of get-out-the-vote canvassing, wouldn’t you say?

You can sign up here right now (and you can sign up your family and friends, too!) knew Massachusetts was a “safe state” for Democrats, so they bused voters across the state line to get New Hampshire voters to vote Democrat, and if anyone thinks the activities stopped at “canvasing” and not actual voting, one must remember the resolve of those who have little respect for the rule of law.

2016: Sununu accuses N.H. Democrats of participating in voter fraud
Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu said Democrats “have really gamed the system to their advantage” by way of the state’s same-day voter registration, in an interview with talk radio host Howie Carr Monday. He also claimed Democrats bus voters in from Massachusetts on election day.

“We have same day voter registration, and to be honest, when Massachusetts elections are not very close, they’re busing them in all over the place,” Sununu said.

“We had a state senator, Portsmouth state Sen. Martha Fuller Clark a couple of years ago, who had over 20 people registered at her home address to vote,” Sununu said. “Because they’re just busing them over, they pick an address and they do the same day voter registration. There’s no doubt there’s election fraud.”

If there was “NO EVIDENCE” voter fraud was happening in New Hampshire, why does it keep coming up?

2016: Scott Brown alleges Massachusetts residents committed fraud, voted in New Hampshire
Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown made a bold claim this week, alleging some of his former constituents committed voter fraud. Brown suggested Massachusetts voters headed north to New Hampshire on Election Day this year.

“People from Massachusetts could have gone up and voted that day and quite frankly some do,” Brown said Wednesday on Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting.” “It’s well known, it’s no secret.”

He alleged around a 100,000 people this election cycle – and 40,000 when he ran for Senate – flooded New Hampshire to cast their ballot in a swing state.

And when it comes to anything that may subvert our morality as a people, one only need look for the fingerprints of the ACLU, and they can be found on the state of New Hampshire going back to 1972….

2014: Voter Fraud: An Existential Threat to America
Democrats now openly say “vote where your vote will count,” i.e., if you live in a dark red or blue state, your vote is wasted; go vote in a swing state. However, in order to do so legally, one must establish residency in the target swing state. How does one establish residency where one does not actually live, or intend to live for any extended period?

A long time ago, the Left began calculating ways to do this. The most promising demographic was college students. They are reliably liberal, reliably malleable, and move temporarily in large numbers. In 1972, the ACLU’s New Hampshire chapter brought a class action suit in U.S. District Court on behalf of an out-of-state Dartmouth college student who was denied the right to vote in NH because he informed authorities he intended to leave NH upon graduation. The judge ruled that out-of-state students could vote in NH, as long as they were “domiciled” in NH.

In 2010, Republicans captured a veto-proof majority in both houses of the NH state legislature. They passed a law forcing out-of-state students to become truly domiciled in NH before they could vote. The ACLU sued to neutralize the law for the 2012 election, locating a sympathetic judge who invented an entirely new and utterly fraudulent residence classification just for students: “mobile domiciliaries.” It was likely conceived by the ACLU to undermine future attempts to end out-of-state voting. The ruling has been appealed, but languishes awaiting action. Republicans also passed a strict voter ID law, but Democrats regained control of the legislature in the 2012 elections, and have since watered it down to toothless irrelevance.

So, the ACLU found a loophole that allowed Democrats to come into New Hampshire, register that day as a resident of the state and vote, presumably, for a Democrat. There are no assurances (outside of the honor system) that the person who voted in New Hampshire didn’t turn around, drive less than an hour or so, and return to Massachusetts to vote Democrat as well.

NH Election officials see no widespread fraud

Always watch for the word “but”….

Some New Hampshire conservatives in recent years have criticized the Granite State’s same day registration law, which they allege allows Democrats to game the system by bringing in non-residents to vote on election day.

But one of the top election officials in New Hampshire told NH1 News “we don’t see any widespread voter fraud taking place in New Hampshire. Does it happen in isolated instances? I think the answer is yes. There have been prosecutions in the past.”

But for anyone, let alone unqualified, Clinton media plant with little man syndrome George Stephanopoulos, to claim there is “NO EVIDENCE” there were illegal votes cast for Democrats by those bused into New Hampshire is lazy journalism at the least.

And we’re only talking about one state.

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