Video: Austin ICE Protest: Traffic Disruption is NOT Protected Speech

We’ve seen it for a few years now: liberals taking over what they consider “Our streets!” in a manner that would be criminal if any of us decided to arbitrarily stop traffic for whatever reason.

Like spoiled children, liberal disruptors could give a damn about those they inconvenience because what THEY want and the attention THEY demand is all that matters.

KXAN: Arrests made in separate protests against ICE operations

These disruptors hide behind a 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble but when they (and a sympathetic media) redefine “peaceful” and law enforcement hesitates to make the appropriate arrests, it only emboldens the thugs to commit more brazen acts of violence towards the law-abiding public and their personal property.

Thanks to MCPO Collins….

Yes, protesters have a right to speak. They do not have a right to be heard by any means necessary.

Of course, these protesters are conveniently making this all about Trump while conveniently absolving themselves of their violations of our sovereign border and subsequent breaking of our laws.

As a candidate, Donald Trump vowed to take a hard line on immigration. Five days after taking office, he signed a sweeping executive order that made clear that just about any immigrant living in the country illegally could be a priority for deportation, particularly those with outstanding deportation orders. The president’s order also said enforcement priorities would include convicted criminals, immigrants who had been arrested for any criminal offense, those who committed fraud, and anyone who may have committed a crime.

Under President Barack Obama, the government focused on immigrants in the country illegally who posed a threat to national security or public safety and recent border crossers. But despite the narrower focus, more than 2 million people were deported during Obama’s time in office, including a record of more than 409,000 people in 2012. At one point, he was dubbed the “Deporter in Chief” by his critics.
Fortune, 2/11/17

Two years ago they took to the streets without permits, inconvenienced hundreds of people just minding their own business, harassed and threatened motorists who dared get out of their cars and question the sanity of the disruptors, and none were dealt with appropriately by law enforcement, thus normalizing this illegal behavior. Of course, that was during the enabling Obama administration and we can only hope the Trump Administration sends a strong signal of support to law enforcement and this lawless behavior will no longer be tolerated.

What’s most frustrating is seeing those whose very presence in the United States is illegal feel free to protest us on our streets in our faces. This has been allowed since the 90s and we can only hope President Trump sends a clear message that the “streets” belong to all Americans and our freedom of movement is just as valuable as those who demand we hear them whether we want to or not.

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