Why View Counts Matter

Since the beginning of Black & Right (now Black & Blonde Media), we’ve migrated from hosts and as such, it’s inaccurately reflected in our view count today.

When we first started in 2002, Black & Right was hosted by the now-defunct Mens’s News Daily website. We have no idea how many views the site had in total up until 2008 when Black & Right was graciously shared server space with Canada Free Press.

From 2008 through 2016, our site received 8,411,469 views.

In 2014, we experimented with a subscription-only format which naturally resulted in a sharp decrease in readership as many wish to obtain their news and views for free. If only creating content was cost-neutral….

By 2016, we migrated over to a new host so the view counts in total reset which gives the impression that some of our older pieces were not well-read. We can only imagine what some of the visual numbers would be had we been able to migrate our view counts through our host evolution since 2002.

We hope you take into account that Black & Blonde Media has been well-read and influential over the years even though our total view count doesn’t numerically reflect that reality.

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