Rude Media Antagonists Whine About Being Disrespected, Not Defended

The media, MSNBC in particular, has denigrated anything and everything the Donald Trump for President campaign, the Donald Trump presidential transition and Donald Trump Administration. They have slandered, mocked, insulted him and anyone associated with him, accusing them of incompetence and even criminal collusion with a foreign government for months.

And when so-called veteran reporters are “scolded” for rudeness, they whine that they aren’t defended by the very people who’ve been the target of their relentless media smears.

While Rachel Maddow whines about “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s failure to stand up for the American principle of press freedom and defend US journalists on his visit to Russia”, let’s not forget that respect is a two-way street. Both MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Washington Post’s Carol Morello were being extremely rude at an event the press was allowed to attend. As it was a photo opportunity and NOT a formal press conference, there was no obligation for the media to be acknowledged, let alone be responded to.

This is yet another example of the privileged, elitist media showing their thin skins because they believe their “American principle of press freedom” allows them to prop up and/or tear down anyone they want with immunity from the very personal destruction they inflict on others.

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