The Same Dems Who Demanded Comey Firing, Now Whine About… His Firing

It all started with Hillary’s illegal server and an investigation was launched prior to her presidential campaign announcement. Later, when FBI Director James Comey stated during a press conference she was reckless in her handling of classified materials but refused to indict her, Democrats sung his praise in unison. But in days before the election when he revealed that classified documents were found on Hillary-accessory Huma Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop mere days before the election, Democrats wanted Comey’s head on a platter.

Mother Jones: Fuck You, James Comey
Washington Post: James Comey is damaging our democracy
Occupy Democrats: Calls For FBI Director James Comey To Resign Spread Across The U.S.
Western Journalism: Obama Expected To Fire FBI Director Once The Election Is Over
Daily Mail: Senior adviser Jarrett has convinced President Obama to FIRE FBI director Comey after election
Newsweek: FBI Director James Comey Is Unfit for Public Service
HuffPo: Dozens Of Former Federal Prosecutors Sign Open Letter Criticizing James Comey
PoliticusUSA: Call On President Obama to Terminate F.B.I. Director Comey on November 9
The Hill: Time to fire FBI Director James Comey
The Nation: James Comey’s Actions Place Him in the Worst Traditions of J. Edgar Hoover
Daily Kos: Why does James Comey still have a job?
Bloomberg: Schumer Says He Lost Confidence in FBI’s Comey Over E-Mail Probe

Now that President Trump has fired Comey, the same Democrats see this as a cover-up on their Russia-stole-the-election whine that’s backed up by zero evidence after months of investigation.

Can we once again call Democrats and their media on their tired old traits of ignorant, vindictive, shortsighted, emotionally irrational, political hypocrisy?

Mediaite: Oops! Stephen Colbert Chides Audience After They Applaud Comey Firing

Yes, we can!

Bottom line: the FBI Director was put in the worst possible position by the many deliberate, reckless, illegal (and possibly treasonous) actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Had he informed the people of the basis of his investigation before the election, he’d be accused of influencing in favor of Donald J. Trump. Had he remained silent until after the election and then revealed the contents of his investigation should Hillary have won, he’d be accused of withholding information that prevented the people from making an informed, possibly election-swinging decision. Granted, Comey handled it questionably, but leaving everything to Barack Obama and Loretta “tarmac” Lynch would have been problematic as well.

So, while the media screams “Saturday night massacre” in unison and now portray James Comey a victim of a “Nixonian” conspiracy, remember who set all of this intrigue in motion in the first place: Hillary Clinton and her cheerleading media, NOT Donald Trump.

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