Ignant ‘Afrikan/Black/Caribbean’ Students Achieve Separate-But-Equal

I am so glad my boys are older, out of the grasp of the academic dreamworld, and are no longer susceptible to the enabling bleeding hearts that make excuses for behavior that’s NOT tolerated in a real world employment environment. Black kids whine about the availability of tuition assistance and then blow valuable education time at the University of California Santa Cruz with bullshit like this.

While ignorant implies doing or saying something foolish not knowing any better, ignant implies that the person knew damn well and chose to act foolish anyway.
Urban Dictionary

Whether these college students are ignorant or ignant is a valid question.

And the stupid administration caved to the loud-mouthed, petulant children.

This is what happens when you give students race-based scholarships instead of making them pay out-of-pocket for their own educations. One would think they’d value more their class time and what they were buying. Instead, they’re pissing away their time knowing bleeding hearts will give them time off to decompress and maybe have their examinations postponed to a time after they’ve been able to de-stress from their self-imposed ordeal.

I would never hire or recommend to be hired any of these irrational students no matter their qualifications because all it seems they’re good for is protesting, offering nothing valuable of substance in return, and expecting to get their way or else. Who in their right mind would want to have that in their environment?

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