Drudge Promotes Daily Wire #FakeNews Clickbait Aggregation

THIS is a prime example of what’s wrong with the online, so-called news media.

This morning, Laura caught a Tweet from the Drudge Report.

She clicked on the link which brought her to a post by Joseph Curl (also a Washington Times staff writer) at the Daily Wire, a blog helmed by conservation pout-boy Ben Shapiro.

Nancy Pelosi Gets Completely Destroyed by Questioner in CNN Town Hall
Rep. Nancy Pelosi took her dazed and confused act to prime-time TV on Monday night, joining CNN’s Chris Cuomo for a town hall.

She did her same old tired schtick (more on that later), but the highlight of the night was when Jake Lee, a small business owner from West Hollywood, Calif., stood up to ask a question.

“Good evening, madam leader. Before the election on November 8, your side of the aisle were asking for the former head of the FBI to resign,” said questioner Jake Lee. “Now that he has been let go, why the sudden and selective outrage from your side of the aisle?”

Pelosi is immediately befuddled. “Some people were asking to be let go,” she said inexplicably (presumably she meant asking that former FBI Director James Comey be let go). But she went on, her hands flailing about wildly and her eyes growing wide as saucers.
Daily Wire, 5/16/17

As we were curious, we went and took a look at the segment in question and Curl’s description didn’t quite match his sensational headline and commentary.

After viewing, we didn’t see the “completely destroyed” as the Daily Wire suggested, nor Pelosi with “hands flailing about wildly and her eyes growing wide as saucers”. Liberals, in particular, like to “talk with their hands” but the “destruction” didn’t match the visual. Not to be taken as defending Pelosi, but all-about-me #NeverTrumper and Daily Wire “Editor-in-Chief” Shapiro has limited credibility and in the grand scheme of things, his website is another part of the overall problem of the many conservative Drudge asskissers.

Let’s be real, people.

Many of these so-called news sites, on both sides, will say anything for the almighty click. They vigorously seek out stories online, re-write them as to give the impression they broke the story and are unfortunately rewarded with thousands of views and shares. They’ll embellish headlines just to get you to click onto their pop-up ad-heavy, browser-crashing sites and journalistic integrity is an afterthought.

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