Rush Limbaugh Goes Off on ‘Whining, Cowardly’ Comey, ‘Pathological’ CNN

It was billed as a must-see, long awaited testimony by former FBI Director James Comey. If you listened to the media, this would be another beginning of the end of the Trump Administration, and if anything it showed how petty Democrats are, dishonest the media is, and how much of a pussy Comey came off as.

Rush Limbaugh put the day’s events in proper perspective.

We’ve been told by one of OUR anonymous sources that Comey, despite his measured performances, is not a very nice man who may have put his foot in his mouth one too many times. An honest media may have thrown up their Trump-Russian-collusion hands less than an hour into his testimony but are doubling down despite the president being publicly cleared in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a national television audience. But we have a dishonest media and Democrat Party that now will be officially running on empty.

Tonight, President Trump must be smiling.

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