#AntiShariaMarch Protesters Are Blissfully Ignorant of Islamic Law

Despite the fact many Muslims are quite open about their desire to see Islamic Sharia Law supersede the U.S. Constitution, thousands of masked #Antifa progressives disrupted the rallies held nationwide by Act for America that were against the implementation of Sharia in America. It was yet another excuse for the left to take to the streets, recite simple 60’s era chants, and even commit acts of violence against those they disagree with; actions that are now the norm wherever they congregate.

The media consistently cited Act for America being designated an “extremist group” by the near all white-led Southern Poverty Law Center; a nonprofit who’s also slandered groups like the American Border Patrol/American Patrol, American Family Association, Center for Security Policy, Family Research Council, Federation for American Immigration Reform, Jewish Defense League, National Coalition for Immigration Reform, and WorldNetDaily.

The left calls conservative groups who report on the actions of the Nation of Islam or New Black Panther Party racists, but the SPLC gets a pass by including those groups on their “list”. However, the SPLC has not included Hollywood as a hate group that continues to generously employ those who commit sexual assault against their spouses, commit acts of sexism and racism in the workplace, praises content that demeans blacks, Latinos, and women and perpetuates racist stereotypes.

Part of the problem is that the media has to be dragged kicking and screaming to use the m-word when applicable. For example…

NPR: Michigan Doctor Charged With Performing Female Genital Mutilation On Girls
NBC News: 2nd Michigan Doctor, His Wife Charged in Female Genital Mutilation Procedures
CNN: Michigan doctors charged in first federal genital mutilation case in US
NY Times: Michigan Case Adds U.S. Dimension to Debate on Genital Mutilation
Newsweek: Nearly 100 Girls May Have Had Genitals Cut by Doctors in Michigan, Prosecutor Says

This has received very little media coverage because the “doctors” are Muslims.

Saturday June 10 was also a gay “pride” day but we haven’t seen ONE report of a LGBTQIAP (it’s hard to keep up with the ever-growing acronym) parade in a Muslim neighborhood. We’ve never heard of a SlutWalk in a Muslim neighborhood. We’ve yet to see any report of a liberal activist going to a Muslim bakery to request a gay wedding cake be made for the purpose of putting them out of business. Neither the ASPCA or PETA have publicly protested the routine Muslim mistreatment of dogs or discrimination against Americans with guide dogs.

In Dearborn, Michigan where we have the largest proportion of Muslims in the United States….

…. there appears to be NO gay anything. Now, there’s some tolerance for ya!

Sharia Law is totally incompatible with the U.S. Constitution as it demands its suspension in certain parts of the country for certain people, and narcissistic millennials are ignorant of how things used to be in the United States before terrorism became another one of the new normals. Until the liberal media broadcasts and/or publishes what Muslims themselves readily say about wanting Sharia Law implemented worldwide, the youth will stay stupid and fight against those who are really fighting for many of them.

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