Limousine Linda Sarsour: ‘NOT ONE example of Muslims trying to impose Sharia’

Leftist radicals always seem to rely on the blind obedient ignorance of their followers that accept rather than verify. The most absolutist statements can be made and are digested without question… sometimes.

Thanks to Al Gore’s ingenuity, we did a simple Internet search to see if we could find at least “ONE” example of a Muslim “trying to impose Sharia on ANY ONE”.

CBS Minnesota: Man Trying To Impose Sharia Law In Cedar-Riverside

That’s “ONE”. But wait, there’s more!

Newsweek: Boko Haram Vows to Impose Sharia Law in Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Mali
BBC: Mali Islamists ‘buying child soldiers, imposing Sharia’
Christian Post: Armed Jihadis Impose Sharia Law in Mali, Ban Baptisms and Non-Muslim Weddings, Report Warns

Siasat: ‘Muslim Patrol’ members jailed for imposing sharia law in London
Telegraph (UK): Muslim gangs imposing sharia law in British prisons
ARA News: Islamic State threatens to attack Damascus, impose Sharia law
RT: ‘Sharia police’ didn’t break law by trying to impose Muslim rules in German town – court
RTÉ: Sharia law imposed in northwest Pakistan
Express (UK): Now Muslims demand full Sharia law
Daily Mail (UK): The Muslim Patrol enforcer: Ginger-haired Bin Laden disciple admits mob attacks on ‘non-believers’
Al-Monitor: Efforts to impose Sharia law in Iraq spark controversy
Voltaire: Hamas imposes Sharia law in Gaza
Puget Sound Business Journal: Seattle mayor offers plan to help followers of Sharia law buy houses
Christian Today: Sharia law imposed in Indonesia’s Aceh province
Financial Times: Brunei imposes sharia-based penal code

Despite her recent declaration, in 2015 Sarsour came right out made her ultimate intention known.

Like true socialism to progressives, Sharia Law just hasn’t been properly implemented… yet.

So you get the jist; the imposition of Sharia in different parts of the world has been going on for many years and the examples are readily available for anyone who decides to look for themselves instead of taking the word of a Linda Sarsour whose been paid handsomely to advance the Islamophobia hysteria.

City First Lady Chirlane McCray is handing over more than $500,000 to an Arab-American activist who came under fire for denouncing critics on Twitter as “Zionist trolls.”

The Arab-American Association of New York, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit run by Linda Sarsour, was selected as one of 14 groups by the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York to receive $10 million over five years to integrate mental-health services into their community programs. McCray oversees the fund.
New York Post, 4/2/16

Linda Sarsour is just another example of a progressive who’s successfully found a way to cash in on victim status and live large off donations from those who need to be lied to in order to keep the cash coming in. Everything that comes out of her mouth should be taken with a huge grain of salt (as so many blindly take her words as gospel), because it doesn’t take much to blow her public comments to pieces.

No Islamophobic pun intended.

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