Daddy’s Little Girl: Americans Voted for Donald Trump, NOT Ivanka

During the campaign, we were quite tempted to make our opinions known regarding Donald Trump’s daughter having such a prominent role in the campaign and now that she’s in the president’s inner circle, it’s like why?

It must be nice, while advocating for “paid family leave” and the “Paris Climate Accord”, to be able to push socialist policies that would never apply to her. Ivanka Trump couldn’t even fucking bother to register to vote for her own father yet SHE’s an advisor to the president?

There is a level of viciousness that I was not expecting.
Ivanka Trump, 6/2/17

Wouldn’t that political naivete alone be a disqualifier for a position in the White House?

Ivanka Trump clearly lived in that New York City, predominately liberal socialite elite class where public policy issues are one of those topics too boring to deal with, and now she has the president’s ear.


At the same time, we also know nepotism runs rampant in the upper class and look how well that normally works out. In a nation of over 360 million people, Ivanka is the best the president could appoint as an advisor?

Sorry, but in the early 90’s Newt Gingrich was able to corral Republicans nationwide, craft a winning message that resulted in the GOP taking back control of the House and Senate for the first time in over 40 years. Ivanka was apparently quite “apolitical” only until her father decided to serve our nation, yet she’s more qualified to advise the President of the United States than a former Speaker of the House?

Pardon us if we see her as that little princess we all know whose daddy gives her what she wants; not because she’s such a great child but just to stop the perpetual whining and make her shut the hell up.

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    • Black & Blonde Media

      Hmm… “Northern Sentinel”. A Facebook page going on four years old with 23 likes and 22 follows and you’re telling us what?

      Go aggregate and when you get to 50 likes, we’ll have a laugh. It’ll take longer for us to take anonymous posters seriously.

  1. Doug

    You seem to overlook the inference that Newt Gingrich won’t take a White House job because he is unwilling to give up his lucrative political consulting practice for essentially the rest of his life. Newt is doing the best he can for us on the outside.

    Ivanka Kushner is an unusually intelligent, poised and successful woman. While her political ideas are too Liberal, she is certainly a daughter that any of us would be proud to call our own. Ironically, it seems that you are the ones throwing a temper tantrum, not Ivanka.

    • Black & Blonde Media

      “Ivanka Kushner is an unusually intelligent….”

      That’s not exactly a compliment unless you’re tying what you may consider attractiveness and being impressed that she can actually string two thoughts together.

      If Ivanka was our daughter and publicly showed so much political ignorance, we would be embarrassed.


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