ZERO Democrat Senators Vote for ‘Single Payer’ Health Care

Granted, the Republican-led Senate would never pass “single payer”, “public option” health care for the nation. At least, we’d hope so but anything’s possible with this bunch.

Democratic leaders have long resisted advocating for a massive expansion of the government’s role in health care, wary of alienating independent voters and hanging swing-state senators out to dry on what’s long been a divisive issue. The party’s economic agenda released this week notably excluded single payer.

Senate Democrats face a tough electoral map in 2018, raising concerns that full-throated support for single payer could bury the party deeper in the minority. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Tester are among those who have expressed skepticism about a single-payer system.
Politico, 7/27/17

When it comes to a Democrat Party that feeds off symbolism and emotion on behalf of the downtrodden, one would also think that here would be a golden opportunity to show their base just how committed they are to the alternative they’ve always wanted once Obamacare melted down leaving the American people no other alternative. Here was their golden opportunity to stand by their convictions, vote their conscience, act on their principles, etc.

It didn’t happen.

When it came time to finally be on-the-record, a record that they could proudly present to their constituents, “present” is all they had to offer because, with the help of their media, no one will know Democrats continue to deceive their base and the American people because they can.

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