Tweak? Hijab’d Lady Liberty Painting in Congressman Luis Correa’s Office

In that ongoing effort to insult the sensibilities of those on the wrong end of political correctness, a United States congressman has displayed an image that has no other reason to inflame Americans.

A student painting that depicts the Statue of Liberty wearing a Muslim hijab, displayed in congressman Lou Correa’s Santa Ana office, is being attacked as an unpatriotic violation of the separation of church and state by members of We the People Rising, a Claremont-based activist group that advocates stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

Stop with the “separation of church and state” trap. That phrase appears nowhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. This is just more shock “art” of little eclectic value.

Correa sees nothing objectionable in the painting, which comes at a time of controversy over Donald Trump’s efforts to ban the entry to the U.S. of people from Muslim countries and about the treatment of Muslims in this country.

“You take it in the context of a lady, probably a Muslim American — with all that’s going on, she’s a proud American,” Correa said by phone from Jerusalem, where he was attending meetings as part of a congressional information-gathering trip. “That’s what it says to me.”

Correa said it was important to not remove the painting because of a few complaints.
Orange County Register, 8/3/17

Wow. All it usually takes is ONE complaint from a Muslim or other aggrieved victim wannabe to have something deemed offensive taken down, and had this been some artistic depiction of the “prophet”, we all know what kind of hell would break loose.

But as usual, when it comes to almost anything Muslim, it’s not about equal treatment, it’s about special treatment along with a compliant congressman with his own ethic preferences playing the game.

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