No Permit, No Peace: #BLM Protests Put the Public at Unnecessary Risk

Every time Republicans, conservatives, the Tea Party congregate to have a rally, they obey the law and obtain the proper permits required. It may also involve the participation of law enforcement and that’s taken into the logistics. Areas are used and left, in most cases, cleaner than when they the participants first arrived.

When #BlackLivesMatter takes to “Whose streets? Our streets”, motorists are inconvenienced and are bullied if they should get out of their cars and voice their displeasure.


With #BLM, it’s all about what THEY want, THEIR free speech even though the average citizen walking in the middle of the street would face some kind of civil response.


But because #BLM believes they can push around the police they hate, they flaunt the law, and use race as their ticket to disrupt. However, there ARE long-standing rules on how to peaceably assemble that they’ve failed to read or just blow off because they can.

These rights may also be exercised by marching, even along public highways, as long as it is done in an orderly and peaceful manner; and these rights to assemble, demonstrate and march are not to be abridged by arrest or other interference so long as the rights are asserted within the limits of not unreasonably interfering with the exercise of the rights by other citizens to use the sidewalks, streets and highways, and where the protestors and demonstrators are conducting their activities in such a manner as not to deprive the other citizenry of their police protection.
Williams vs. Wallace, 3/19/65

If one were to follow the law, it’s quite clear who hasn’t been.

Sadly, sometimes the narcissists’ actions have dire ramifications to the general public.

A man who collapsed while waiting for Berkeley paramedics to arrive later died at the hospital, city employees have told Berkeleyside, after large protests that wracked the city earlier this month delayed first responders.

Calls that were broadcast over normal channels provide insight into how emergency crews responded to what they called “the hot zone,” where active protests were taking place. In some cases, Fire Department supervisors would alert teams about routes to take to avoid demonstrations in “the hot zone.” In other cases, medical crews would be told to stage at a location outside the hot zone and wait for police escorts to help them safely reach patient locations.

“Nobody could get to him,” a city staffer said, of the man on Kittredge Street, who is believed to have had a heart attack. “Fire couldn’t get in without protection, and everyone was tied up. [Paramedics] were able to revive him to get him to the hospital, but it took 35 minutes to get [to Kittredge] because protesters were in the area and no one could go in safely.”
Berkeleyside, 12/19/14

Do you really think the liberals whose disruption of traffic really care a man died because paramedics couldn’t get to him in time? Probably not.

An ambulance had to be dispatched to pick up a child on the I-40 Bridge during the Black Lives Matter protest Sunday night.

Protesters began their march downtown and eventually made their onto the bridge, which caused it to be shut down for several hours. As a result, the child’s parents were stuck on the bridge, and they could not drive the child to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital.

Paramedic Bobby Harrell and his medical team picked up the boy and detoured through West Memphis onto I-55. They eventually made it to the hospital for treatment.  The emergency worker told FOX13 the patient was stable the entire time, but his condition could have gotten worse because the protest delayed the transport.
Fox 13 Memphis, 7/11/16

If one of the #BLM protesters needed immediate medical attention, they would be screaming about the lack of ambulances that should have dropped everything and been there when THEY needed it. The general commuting public should just shut up and check their privilege.

Good thing Boston has more than one paramedic unit: Boston EMS Incidents reports that when a report of a person suffering a heart attack in the Prudential Center food court came in around 10:30 p.m., the Paramedic 1 unit stationed on Purchase Street was dispatched to the scene – but couldn’t even get out of its bay due to the large traffic jam caused by protesters in Dewey Square and police blocking traffic to keep motorists from plowing into the protesters.

Dispatchers then routed Paramedic 2, based on Warren Street in Roxbury, to the mall, where firefighters and EMTs were treating the unconscious but still breathing person until the paramedics could arrive.
Universal Hub, 12/4/14

The punks probably heard the siren, saw the flashing lights and didn’t care.

A man was arrested after police said protesters blocked an ambulance that was carrying a critically ill patient Saturday in New Haven. They said around 100-200 protesters blocked the highway and, following a request for assistance from the New Haven Police Department, state police said they went to the area with riot gear and pepper spray.

State police said the protesters were in the process of being cleared from the highway, but not before they blocked an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient. Due to this delay, EMTs had to perform an emergency medical procedure in the ambulance, instead of at the hospital, state police said.
Fox 61 Hartford, 2/6/17

We’re now at a point where law breaking is optional. Where we could be arrested for things like vandalism, mob rule is now the condoned norm going unpunished.

What’s next?

Will it be okay for mobs of young thugs to vandalize any vehicle that has a bumper sticker other than “I’m with her” or “Bernie?” Will it be okay for the little snowflakes to trash a house that has a yard sign not Democrat? Is anyone in the general public subject to a sucker punch if a liberal punk feels like it? Things that common sense told us not to do because we risked arrest are now allowed.

At the press conference, activists demanded all charges be dropped and that Gov. Roy Cooper call for immediate removal of all Confederate statues across the state.
Herald Sun, 8/15/17

Just like that.

We’re just about at that point of no return because it’s unclear what will make them behave like civilized human beings.

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