Boston ‘Free Speech’ Rally: Media Discovers, Informs Public of #Antifa

It was a rather underwhelming “Boston Free Speech Rally’ held by those who have their views. While the media labels them as “conservative activists” who have very little in common with conservatives, their rally produced nothing of relevance and it was argued here before that would have been the same result in Charlottesville with the KKK had the media and leftist “counterprotesters” not shown up and brought their signature violence with them.

The outrage was over-the-top when President Trump forced a reluctant media to admit, years after a very well known fact to the public, that the left has been engaging in violent forms of protest, despite the collective attempts to label them as “mostly peaceful”.

Fox News: Boston ‘Free Speech Rally’ cut short as conservative activists leave counterprotesters behind
NPR: Boston Right-Wing ‘Free Speech’ Rally Dwarfed By Counterprotesters
Politico: Boston ‘free speech’ rally overwhelmed by counter-protesters
Daily Beast: Boston’s ‘Free Speech’ Rally Goes Bust vs. 40,000 Protesters
Al Jazeera: Boston anti-racist protesters swarm right-wing ‘free-speech’ rally

It was an almost jubilant media that celebrated anything-but left wing speech being shut down, again despite the fact the “right wing” obeyed the law, obtained the appropriate permits while the left wing again did not, disrupted the daily lives of motorists, pedestrians and brought violent intent with them.

All this while CNN decided to provide a public service and with their “stellar reporting” on August 19, 2017 (with an indictment on how moronic their audience is) revealed to us all of a sometimes-violent group on the left called “Antifa”.

While the CNN segment aired near the end of the Boston protest activity, it was nothing that was hastily produced. They sat on that segment until just the right time: when the liberal media was forced (thanks again to President Trump) to admit that the left is not only capable of violence but has cost the nation millions in public and private property damage, injuries to the public and law enforcement, and the squelching of the First Amendment for those who may or may not have anything worthy to say but just don’t need bringing the violent mob down around them.

Not to be outdone, MSNBC’s Meet the Press also produced a belated response in what came off as a very uncomfortable attempt to head off the “both sides” violent Antifa discussion between an instigating college professor who created an Antifa “handbook’ that justifies violence and a leader of the cash cow nonprofit that targets conservative groups he deems haters.

What this latest protest told the world (most of us conservatives who are from there already know Boston is a lost cause) is that certain speech can and should be denied to the intimidation and celebration of a looming, violent left. They can verbally and physically assault veterans, the elderly, even members of the media, burn American flags, bring their own bodily fluids to share with anyone who disagrees with them while cowardly hiding behind bandannas, and the media will continue to give them “mostly peaceful” cover and the outed left will whine about the portrayals.

It appears the mainstream media has finally picked up on the antifascist movement in America, and their reaction has been just as uninformed and sensationalistic as one would expect. To make matters worse, their interpretation of the rising leftist bloc has been built primarily from right-wing talking points, shuttled to them directly from alt-right outlets.
It’s Going Down

Expect more of the disruptive, violent protests by the lawless left. Their bitter middle class children, who got sucked into taking out massive loans for worthless degrees in overpriced colleges and are unhireable, are loose on the streets and in our faces. You know we’re in uncharted waters when even Barack Obama is sitting out a golden opportunity to lecture us all about race as he can’t even predict the reception he’d get.

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