My Warnings of Democrat Historical Revision Went Unheeded

With the Democrats in full attack mode, shamelessly exploiting the tragic events of Charlottesville and eradicating any monuments that implied a racist past, Conservatives are now on all media platforms decrying the attempt to whitewash the racist history of the Democrat Party; the party to whom almost all of those depicted in the monuments aligned with.

I was one of a group of black conservatives who’ve been sounding the alarm bells on this topic for decades. My very first op-ed bore the frustration of the party that was born by abolitionists to oppose slavery was being falsely accused of racism unchallenged.

And let us not forget. It was Democrats who mostly opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Al Gore, who told black congregations that his father was a civil rights champion, left out that his father voted against the Act. However, his father did vote for the Voters Rights Act. So black Americans could vote for Al’s dad, just not eat at the same table with him. And the fact that the liberal news media gave Al a pass on his lies to blacks was telling.

It was a Democrat governor who put up that Confederate flag in question. It’s the Democrat Party whose senior-most senator is an ex Klan member. It’s a Democrat Party whose chairman as of last year, 2001, still refers to blacks as “coloreds.”
Learning From Black History, 2/3/02

I was a member of Project 21 for twelve years; a group of black conservatives that would appear on any media that would have us on so we could counter narratives meant to disparage Republicans of all races. We always found ourselves on talk shows, radio and cable, outnumbered and we did our best to not only rebut but to remind the American people that the Democrat Party has lied about their history for decades, omitting roughly 150 years from the history curriculum, and we took arrows aimed Republicans when some said really stupid things.

As the liberal fascists deface and/or take down Confederate-Democrat monuments, rank-in-file Conservatives in the media are only now taking charge of the topic as if they were there all along and they were not.

While I and others tried to tie Democrats to their racist past, we were pretty much ignored by the Conservative-elite intelligentsia who wanted to avoid anything race-based because they had no idea how to defend against it. While myself and others were all but ready to get in the ring with liberals, we were told to change the subject, don’t go there, etc. And when some of these stuffy old wonks were confronted on cable news channels, they pulled their punches because many of them still don’t know enough about history to be effective.

So what do stuffy old conservative wonks really know about discrimination, especially political discrimination in the United States to be able to talk authoritatively on the topic? Have they actually suffered?

When I first talked to Andrew Breitbart on the phone in 2006, he offered no sanctimonious empathy as to what I must have gone through as a black conservative because he already knew what legal political persecution was all about in Hollywood, gone through it himself, and it turns out he told me he read my posts for years. In 2010, he asked me to produce a documentary (which we never got to start) on the Shirley Sherrod-black farmers “Pigford” scandal and unlike many of the self-servers of today, he didn’t demand his name be emblazoned on the project. It was just about getting the message out.

All I’ve ever tried to do is help get the message out that the Democrats have never been the champions of the black community as they’ve said for decades. Now that the empowered black left has gotten more vocal, way too many are acting now as if they alone are discovering the history of the Democrat Party and do so without giving proper attribution as to what inspired them in the first place.

In late 2008, a reader asked me my opinion of what went on during the Jim Crow years. After some initial research and shock, at the lies on the Democrat Party’s website, I was inspired to start making a list in 2009 which was called The Democrat Race Lie. Shortly after, many others began hailing the history of black Republicans; a history only THEY discovered.

Glenn Beck 2011: Founders Friday, African-American Founders
WallBuilders 2017: Black American Patriots: Untold Truths Of Black History On The Glenn Beck Program

Despite the fact Beck and David Barton have had the platform and budget to have been talking about this for years, they still promote themselves as being the ones to reveal “untold truths” about black history.

So-called “Republican Party historian” Michael Zak once emailed and threatened to sue me for stealing his work on the topic until I asked him to check my post’s date which preceded his by years. He apologized.

2016: Dinesh D’Souza: The secret history of the Democratic Party
Dinesh D’Souza 2016: Hillary’s America 

In “Hillary’s America,” New York Times #1 best-selling author and celebrated filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza reveals the sordid truth about Hillary and the secret history of the Democratic Party. This eye-opening film sheds light on the Democrats’ transition from pro-slavery to pro-enslavement.

Only a pompous narcissist would say he revealed the “secret history” of anything that was easily found.

Wayne Dupree 2012: The Democrat Race Lie

Dupree posted the first few paragraphs word-for-word from my Democrat Race Lie (he was too lazy and/or arrogant to even change the title?) on his website without any attribution. Dupree was awarded CPAC 2015 Blogger of the Year.

PragerU 2017: The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

So, thanks to the Democrat Party and now some conservatives, black people are the ONLY group in this country whose history is a work in progress.

Political discrimination and persecution is not only technically legal but an everyday day practice in many industries in the United States to this day.

While I can only identify with conservatism, the Republican Party has had very little use for black conservatives who’ve taken more that they can even imagine. Now that the whitewashing of Democrat history is happening right before our faces, who is representing Republicans? The same conservatives who were too chicken shit to keep hitting the left over the head as often as they call our party racist?

Democrats are going to link important legislation to parts of President Trump’s agenda in an attempt to get us to back down while they get what they want: historical cover from their racist past.

What’s sad, given the uninformed, unaffected, milquetoast nature of our conservative spokespersons, they just may get it.

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