‘BS’ is What a Kathy Griffin Apology is Really Worth

We can go back as far as The Dixie Chicks, George Clooney, Will Smith, or any number of Hollywood liberals who take their anti-Republican/American disdain overseas, but in their ignorant arrogance they fail to realize at the moment that their words always manage to make it back to the States.

Kathy Griffin apologized profusely when she lost jobs and endorsements after being photographed with a mock-up of the severed head of President Donald Trump. It only took a few months to see and hear, once again, what a Hollywood liberal’s word is worth.

We don’t know if the Secret Service heat died down, or what made Griffin feel safe enough to rescind her tearful display in a lame attempt to salvage her negligible career, but we’re starting to see another pattern emerge.

Australia seems to love witnessing America’s losers. Whether we’re talking Rachel Dolezal or now Griffin, it appears Aussies like to see our discards up close and personal. If Dolezal’s reception was any barometer, Griffin may not like what’s waiting for her.

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