Rush Limbaugh on Why the Media Really Hates Donald Trump

The average Republican would have caved long before the election, making it an easy path for the Democrat. That’s what the media wants and that’s how it’s been for many presidential cycles. That’s what was supposed to happen in 2016 and it didn’t. The media wasn’t up against the average Republican. Donald Trump didn’t do what he was told, he wasn’t in awe of the media in fact he ridiculed them.

Ever since the election and inauguration, the media set out to punish not only Donald Trump but those who had the audacity not to follow their orders and voted for him anyway. They criticize and smear him daily. They’ve pummeled and forced out lesser men within his political and support circles. Liberals have faced severe, near career-ending backlash for some ill-executed publicity stunts. Pundit after pundit have gone off on him, insulting his intelligence, appearance, mental stability, repeatedly failed to create a wedge between him and is supporters and yet, President Trump is still standing.

President Trump has responded with a very public vengeance the media is not accustomed to and it’s really pissing them off. Some are offering their unsolicited advice and are being blown off. Some are losing their minds right before our eyes.

For a myriad of reasons, this is shaping up to be a fun four-to-eight years after all.

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