Did Senator ‘Clear Misconduct’ Call CSPAN on the Mis-Caption?

Closed captioning is a wonderful tool for the hearing impaired and those of us who covered the Hillary campaign but just didn’t want to hear her voice. It’s an automated system, clearly at the mercy of the tone and syntax of the person speaking. Sometimes words are mangled, sometimes the interpretation is way off, and in some cases the misinterpretation has a deep sense of irony.

Such an occurrence happened during President Trump’s speech on Tax Reform in Springfield, Missouri; captured for all posterity on CSPAN’s closed captioning system.

We can only speculate, but given the thin-skinned, power-tripping politicians we know and elect, do you think someone from Senator McCaskill’s office called CSPAN, because we’ve never seen the closed caption system stopped in the middle of an event, be seemingly rebooted and left off until the end of a speech?

Must have been a coincidence, right?

h/t Chris Plante

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