Sorry, The #SPLC Cayman Island Accounts are NOT ‘Breaking News’

For months now, we’ve written about how too many in the blogosphere believe they are “breaking” news and are given such kudos when they really have not. The Washington Free Beacon “broke” a story about the nonprofit Southern Poverty Law Center and their Cayman Islands bank accounts.

8/31/17: Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities
8/31/17: Schoffstall: Southern Poverty Law Center’s Swing to the Left ‘Turned Into a Windfall’

The problem is this is NOT breaking news. We decided to take on the SPLC weeks ago and linked to pieces written as far back as the 80’s mentioning their impressive, offshore financial holdings.

7/16/17: Who Gave the SPLC the Right to Designate Who is a Hater?

Joe Schoffstall, who worked for me as a reporter at our previous place of employment, was even on Fox News’ program with Tucker Carlson to talk about his “report”.

Schoffstall “revealed”, to the Fox News audience, the bloated average salaries of those at the top of the SLPC food chain.

So did we over two months ago and published some of their rather easily accessible tax forms.

5/17/17: The Near Lily-White $outhern Poverty Law Center ‘Leadership’

Liberal publications put up the red flag on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s lucrative hate pimping decades before a millennial blogger claimed to have discovered specious financial motives behind their practices.

The Progressive, 1988: Poverty Palace: How the SPLC Got Rich Fighting the Klan
The Montgomery Advertiser, 1994: Charity of Riches
Harper’s, 2000: Church of Dees
Daily Kos, 2010: Southern ‘Poverty’ Law Center’s Cayman Islands bank account

The liberal media has ignored this for many years because the SPLC targets Republicans and conservatives. This is not news.

Guess we’re not white and male enough to be considered credible.

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