UC Riverside: The Case Against Sending Your Kids to College

Ten minutes from now, if you still want to send your kid to an institution of higher learning in the United States, it could be tantamount to child abuse. Even after a few short months at college, that child will be unrecognizable and you’ll really begin to have second thoughts what you’re wasting good money on. Even a few short months may be too late.

The following occurred at the University of California Riverside.

And if you want an example of what will be coming back into your home, here’s the “ethnic studies” ROI….

Self appreciation love and acceptance is so hard. The act of loving myself is my resistance to the countless voices that told me or hinted at the ridiculous opinion that I’m not good enough… For what? Your love and acceptance? Oh… I don’t need that. No… Not no more. Cuz I got the grandest love of all… The one I have for myself. I decided I am going to continue to be fierce in my commitment to love and care for myself. I’m so fucking proud of you, self. I AM THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON TO ME. 
Edith Macias, 9/26/17

Have your child get a job, learn a skill on the job, let them work their way up and they’ll have a greater appreciation for where they wind up later on in life.

What comes home from college may be an entitled, emotionally fragile, microaggression-triggered neurotic that may never leave.

Of course, the brainwashed student didn’t appreciate the blowback; both social media and now possibly legal.

A UC Riverside student whose Make America Great Again hat was stolen by a female social justice activist is pressing charges against thief Edith Macias. In response, the thief’s peers are calling on the university to protect her from the law and pay for her rent.

Matthew Vitale, a member of UC Riverside College Republicans, says he has decided to press criminal theft charges against her. He had first declined to press charges after being told it would only be a misdemeanor, but decided later to do so after Macias herself uploaded a video on Facebook titled #SnatchAHat, which showed her grabbing the hat off his head.

It remains to be seen if leftist students will ever acknowledged that the world has rules that must also be observed on close-minded campuses.

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