LGBT ‘Hate’ is Right Up There with Pre-Civil Rights Segregationists

Long ago we warned anyone who would listen what would happen if liberals were allowed to co-op, thus liken their numerically-evolving causes to the Civil Rights movement. Whether we’re talking gays or illegal immigrants or Muslims and more, there is NO comparison to their situations today with what blacks in the United States endured from slavery through the end of segregation.

But outside courthouses in San Francisco, Boston and Atlanta, the demonstrations look familiar.

At one protest, outside the Georgia state capital, it took half a dozen police officers to forcibly remove a young woman who decided to lie in the middle of a busy roadway. Across the street, a crowd of mostly gay and lesbian 20-somethings that supported her sang “We Shall Overcome.”
ABC News

In many cases, liberals act exactly like the racist Democrat segregationists of the not-too-recent past….

When the left descended on Indiana’s Memories Pizza because while they would serve gays in their shop, they opted not to accept payment to take their pizza to an LGBT wedding and the collective death-threat hate rained down on them. But in watching what transpired at Bedlam Coffee in Seattle, one can only recount the same action of the owner and how blacks were told not to eat at lunch counters with whites, if they were allowed to enter the restaurant at all. How would that owner have reacted if Memories told gays they would not be served pizza in their establishment because their lifestyle was offensive?

The screech would be deafening and nationally promoted as gays (like Muslims) say they want equal rights while really demanding special treatment. Their intolerance is something they have no problem expressing as their sympathetic liberal media will NEVER call them on it.

The double standard is, yet again, in full display and as long as they are allowed to define “hate”, they will give pre-Civil Rights segregationists a run for their money.

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