Political Discrimination is Rampant, Far Worse Than the Harvey Scandal

Despite what all the female actresses are now publicly denouncing, egregious activities that everyone’s known about have been occurring as long as there’s been a Hollywood. The “casting couch” has been an institution that far too many women were willing to grace in order to obtain that brass ring of stardom, but now that Harvey Weinstein has finally been outed and the tip of the iceberg has been exposed, “Me, too!” has been embraced and we’ll see how far this goes until the marks become inconvenient, i.e. female AND gay execs who grope and worse, right Mr. Crews?

But there’s a more insidious form of assault that’s performed on a daily basis in the United States; assault and retribution found in almost every major place of employment and association and since it mostly affects people with limited ability to redress, continues unabated to this day.

We’re talking about “political discrimination”.

In liberal bastions like Hollywood, only A-list producers, directors, and actors are relatively free to publicly display their Republican and/or conservative leanings and continue to be in demand. From that level on down, conservatives endure the daily, vile rantings of unhinged Democrats and cannot respond because these same liberals will quickly report opposing speech to their superiors as the usual “intolerant”, “racist”, etc. speech that make the environment impossible for them to work in. That Republican, by using their 1st Amendment right risks losing their paychecks and all that their incomes support.

Too many jobs in the entertainment industry require the employee to be a member of a union. In Hollywood, I was required to become a member of IATSE, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. At one point in the 90’s, I went to my local’s office and inquired if I could not have the portion of my dues that went to Democrat activities taken from my paycheck and cited the Beck decision.

In Communications Workers of America v. Beck (1988) the Supreme Court ruled that the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) restricted unions from collecting dues for political activities if a union member chooses to opt out. The required dues can only be used for collective-bargaining and other representational activities.
Union Facts

I can’t remember one time when I was ever asked, as a union member, who I wanted my dues money to support. That decision was clearly made for us by the parent union, the Teamsters, based on their political activity Democrat preference.

In a very defiant tone, my union rep told me if I didn’t like paying dues, I could work somewhere else. That tone was almost a dare as they know they could monetarily out-litigate me so just shut up and go back to work. Talk about the power and political backing one must believe they have to directly blow off the Supreme Court and continue to do so in a blatantly partisan manner for decades after a ruling.

But it’s not limited just to Hollywood.

Republicans who work in federal, state agencies, high tech, nonprofits, and almost every part of the private sector are also forced to keep their political opinions in the closet while liberals pace around their cubicles and are free to vocalize their political intolerance for all to hear, whether they want to or not. It’s free speech, y’all.

Democrats WILL find reasons to report Republicans and accuse them of anything they know will permanently remove them from their self-designated safe spaces simply because they don’t want to be around anyone who doesn’t think like them. It doesn’t matter if the loss of a job will result in irreparable financial and/or personal damage to that employee.

Republicans who work in academia are an endangered species, an environment made even less accepting by the far-left trained-seal inmates who have taken over the asylums of higher learning.

Of course, we all know about the thick stench of one-party rule within the media. The majority of liberals in the media are arrogant, believe they are smarter than the consumers of their product, and look down upon those whose views differ from theirs.

I arranged to meet with the billionaire owner of a major Washington, D.C. media company to be a potential video producer for one of his online publications. When I arrived and met him at the front desk, he graciously asked me to wait for a few minutes in a conference room and later came in with two department heads. While he assured me that his publication was “middle of the road”, one department head sitting across from me with my resume in hand, would not even raise his disgusted head to look at my black, Republican face. The interview concluded with the owner asking the other department head to give me a try-out on weekends and coordinate. He never called me or returned my calls.

Their videos are still devoid of any creativity to this day.

It’s not a given my race would have helped much either in that media position because the percentage of black people in jobs above the security guard and/or maintenance levels are very low. Being a Republican was a non-starter and the fact that conservatives have to meet in secret in many places in order to keep their jobs is something the media will never report or show anything remotely as sympathetic as they are to Hollywood actresses today who had any voluntary contact with Weinstein.

Sex appears to rule in the conservative movement as well, but that’s a topic for another post.

Had Harvey had just limited his sexual predator activities towards Republican women, he’d still be in charge of The Weinstein Company today.


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