Puerto Rican Officials Withholding FEMA Aid to Bash President Trump

The left and their media are quick to sanctimoniously remind everyone that tragedies are not to be politicized. We’re all to come together in times of disaster and help those in dire need. As we’ve shared earlier, some politicians have used the hurricane aftermath in Puerto Rico for blatant self-promotion and it now appears there are actually government elected and employees who may be hoarding the life-saving supplies sent from the U.S. mainland.

It would be politically incorrect and probably racist to conclude systemic corruption is the island’s culture, but it clearly is.

This morning we received information from a town on the Island where a person close to the municipal administration was asking one of our federal agents that the supplies that were there could not be touched because they were for his mayor,” said federal prosecutor Rosa Emilia Rodriguez, who then indicated that the case is already being investigated.

She added that he also received confidences from another islander whose official was also keeping supplies for “constituents who had voted for that person. This is not the time to do politics … this is the time to help and to be kind to others. This is a tragedy and nobody should take advantage of the aid, “said Rodriguez, adding that if they manage to prove the indications, the accusations will arrive “no matter which party, or whoever.
Metro, 10/9/17

Be very skeptical of the screeching media, demanding to know why aspects of FEMA recovery efforts aren’t happening as fast as they determine it should be. The answer is one they can’t allow the American taxpayer to hear and Democrat Party to answer for.

For the last 30 years, the Puerto Rican government has been completely inept at handling regular societal needs, so I just don’t see it functioning in a crisis like this one. Even before the hurricane hit, water and power systems were already broken. And our $118 billion debt crisis is a result of government corruption and mismanagement.

Watch out what relief funds you approve and let our local government handle. Don’t let the Puerto Rican government play the victim and fool you. They have no clue what they are doing, and I worry that they will mishandle anything that comes their way.
Jorge Rodriguez, CEO of PACIV

It looks like Mr. Rodriguez was spot on and the media isn’t helping either.

Name one journalist (who’s probably never heard of Ohm’s Law) that can tell you how and why electricity comes from a pole into their home, let alone know where to start rebuilding a damaged power grid. But if it’s about whining about the president’s direction and FEMA’s efforts, they know just what the people need to hear.

CNN: Fewer Puerto Ricans have power restored than a week ago
NY Times: 84 Percent of Puerto Rico Still Doesn’t Have Power
WaPo: Is it lights out for Puerto Rico?

While the professional, partisan media tells the American people that Puerto Rico essentially remains in the dark, reality on the ground is another thing.

The executive director of the Electric Energy Authority (AEE), Ricardo Ramos, said Wednesday that the country has light in most of the municipalities, with the exception of the southeast and central strip of the island.

Ramos, speaking at a press conference at the Convention Center, also said that the public corporation “is going to meet the goals” established by the governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares, who indicated that that agency must have energized by 95 percent the country the 15th of December.
Metro, 10/18/17

The media and partisan politicians lying to the American people is something expected. Intentionally causing physical misery for political gain is also expected of Democrats, no matter how benign-to-lethal that misery will be.

Just ask Baltimore, South Central Los Angeles, Detroit, New Orleans, Oakland, Washington, D.C., and now Puerto Rico….

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