Gen. John Kelly vs. Rep. Frederica Wilson, an Ignant Elected Civilian

For those of us who’ve served, especially those who chose to sign on the line during times of war, we all understood the risks. Even those who chose a billet that was potentially a desk job knew those desks could also be in harm’s way but no one who joins a branch of the United States Armed Forces is under the illusion that they’ll never find themselves “in the shit”.

I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty a heart. But the saying is true: “The empty vessel makes the greatest sound.”
— William Shakespeare, Henry V, circa 1599

There are many politicians, especially on the federal level who’ve never served, sought and obtained deferments, and some who’ve embellished aspects of their time in to get elected. But there are some things that those who’ve never served should never interject themselves into. Many of us who served know of at least one person who died during an op. We all have our personal ways of dealing with such an event and if I may be so bold, I don’t think any of us would take offense at the term “knew what he signed up for”.

To a civilian, that may be considered “insensitive”. Oh well.

General Kelly, given the fog of events and years, erred in his memory when it came to “funding” for versus “naming” of the FBI Building but the video clearly shows Congresswoman Wilson bragging how she got into “attack mode” during what was supposed to be a solemn ceremony.

And exactly what dictionary did the congresswoman refer to that said “empty barrel” phrase was racist? Note: Congresswoman’s dictionary assertion has not been “fact-checked” by the media while General Kelly’s account of Rep. Wilson’s all-about-me speech has suspiciously just been posted by the Sun Sentinel. I wonder why…?

It’s also so old, listening to the civilians in the political and media class go on about feelings, now Shakespearean “racism” when it comes to terminology they can’t understand.

As far as Congresswoman Wilson’s charge that President Trump is insensitive, a Gold Star widow just shared her experience with the Washington Post.

The argument’s been thrown out there long ago that only veterans and/or immediate relatives should be our representatives. Yes, that goes against the reasoning that civilians keep the reins on the military, but it’s also easy for those who’ve never served, avoided serving, to send your sons and daughters to do something they’d never do, and do so for political points.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is an embarrassment and another case to be made for term limits. Unless she’s a serious penny pincher (on everything but hats and cowboy boots), how she could be worth a million and a half on a representative salary while having two places to live and have her income spike within the last few years of the Obama administration?

Here in Miami, the most eye-opening revelation is that scandal plagued Rep. David Rivera has reported his worth at just $8,000, while hat-queen Frederica Wilson has $1.3 million, and Mario Diaz-Balart is almost $32,000 in the hole. In all, Florida’s congressional caucus can count more than $170 million to their name.
Miami New Times, 12/28/11

Okay, she’s doing well while her valued constituents are, of course, left behind.

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson Reacts to New Study Ranking Miami Among Cities with Highest Levels of Income Inequality

Her response: pass legislation or in political speak, time for another meaningless program that will increase the government worker waist line and do little to solve the problem.

But now, she’s a “rock star”!

Wilson’s accomplishments in Congress have been scant. She has sponsored 14 bills since she was elected in 2010. None has passed in the do-nothing Congress, where Republicans control the U.S. House and Democrats control the Senate. She has co-sponsored another 288 bills. Wilson, who underwent surgery last year, also has a reputation for missing votes — 9 percent — which is worse than the median proportion of missed votes in the House, 2.4 percent.
Miami Herald, 8/10/12

“Thank you for your service” is not an icebreaker so a civilian can then go off and speak with authority on things they know little about. There are things civilians don’t know while servicemembers and veterans can look at each other and we understand. Nothing need be said.

That’s what defines us from the empty barrels in our legislatures and the media. General Kelly told the cold hard truth from personal experience and shared that insight with the Commander-in-Chief; a cold hard truth comfortable civilians will never understand.

Like that will stop them from talking anyway.

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