#BLM Gives License to Black People Acting Bad; Liberal Whites Excuse

There’s a civil war going on with black people, and there’s two sides, there’s black people and there’s niggas. The niggas have got to go.
Chris Rock, 1996

Politicians pontificate, activists justify, eggshell-walking liberals excuse, millionaire athletes kneel, and when it comes to negative encounters with law enforcement, some blacks make all blacks look bad.

Locked in a 7-11 Amid Shoplifting Suspicions, Women Charged With Assault After Officer Scuffle

The racist white liberal/cowardly conservative media hardly ever condemns this kind of animal behavior out of the kneejerk fear of being called racist, even though it’s racist to patronize this behavior by not condemning it; finding blacks who are tired of being lumped in with this behavior.

How many black people, outside of a few who are summarily dismissed, are ever given print or air time denouncing behavior that can justify racist sentiments? It’s again because liberals do not consider blacks capable of knowing right from wrong. Condescending excuses are made, the worst in the black community have become the unelected spokespersons, their actions have made all look uncivilized, and those elected aren’t much better.

Let me again remind you why it’s so important to keep blacks all thinking as one victim.

As recently as the last presidential election, look at the margin of victory. Black people AGAIN voted 90-95% for the Democrat. Had that 90-95% been knocked down to 70%, the Republican wins… every time. The Democrats know this and the tactic of unrewarded blind allegiance has been acknowledged decades ago.

Until blacks are emancipated from the uniformity of mediocrity expected and demanded, under threat of demonization or worse, the culture of negativity will continue.

Some black men dress and act like thugs, some black women get in your face with violence, police are called, those blacks resist, we punish those who dare harbor ugly stereotypes, blame all on racism to make white people shut up, and “activists” complain when negative public depictions of black people are collected and distributed.

Got it.

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