Maxine Waters: ‘Take Trump Out’ Means One Unmistakable Thing

When one hears the term regarding taking someone out, yes, it can be taken to varying degrees, but it’s also the responsibility of the person making such a statement to be specific. Laughing and reacting positively to a cheering audience is not exactly the most responsible way to publicly react.

Had ANYONE said the same thing about Barack Obama, Maxine Waters would be the first to be screaming and accusing that person of murderous racism on CNN, MSNBC, while demanding he or she be immediately arrested by the Secret Service.

Then again, all politicians on Capitol Hill know they are immune from prosecution for whatever they say, especially if they can tie it into their official duties, even when they really can’t.

Waters can say she was talking about impeachment and she has for quite awhile, but in using the phrase “take Trump out” instead of impeachment, she made the method of desired removal from office of President Trump a “by all means necessary” option.

Liberal Democrats have been publicly fantasizing the death of Republicans for decades. The first shots were fired on an Alexandria, Virginia baseball field. No reason to expect the left will stop there.

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