Cowardly Spacey Came Out Hoping Gaystapo Would Protect Him

Don’t be fooled by the sudden outrage by gay groups directed at Kevin Spacey following the accusation that he molested a young actor and his apology being “conflated” with pedophilia, heaven forbid.

That Spacey is gay has nothing to do with his alleged sexual misconduct against a minor, which the actor describes as “inappropriate drunken behavior;” it would be unwise to conflate the two, and doing so would be like asserting anyone with a drinking problem would somehow find it appropriate to make sexual advances toward a teenager (or that homosexuality is equivalent to alcoholism in the first place). Spacey’s misguided statement only gives fuel to anti-LGBT activists, who have long used fear-mongering tactics invoking pedophilia as ammunition against queer people, particularly gay men.
Esquire, 10/30/17

Of course as everything revolves around them, millennial writers and opportunist activists come from that presumption of ignorance where nothing exists outside of their personal frames of reference. Unfortunately for their desired avoidance of “conflation” with older gay men towards young boys, they probably have no idea that something was once very much in-your-face.

Many of us remember NAMBLA and their words from the 70’s that conflate today.

The record of personal lives of men and boys in mutual man/boy relationships can serve as a powerful tool in discovering the nature of the relationships and their participants, and the role of man/boy love in society.

The substantial number of famous and influential figures who have been in such relationships is a reflection not of some special genius on the part of man/boy lovers, but of the truly widespread nature of the phenomenon, and its permeation of all strata of society, including those who make and record history.
North American Man Boy Love Association

Decades ago the gay community knew older men were preying on young boys, possibly in Hollywood, and demanded society accept it. Now that a gay man has gotten caught up in the sex abuse scandal, the wide net is scooping up more than just the hetero.

Kevin Spacey was a coward who believed by outing himself in the midst of the Weinstein firestorm, the gaystapo would come to his defense; a defense he could hide behind. But the kneejerk response from the gay community was outrage that it would even be implied that gay men sexually molesting would be “conflated” with pedophilia is exactly what happened, has happened for decades. It was just kept on the down low.

Washington Post: ‘Kevin Spacey has set gay rights back’: Actor blasted for response to sexual misconduct claim

Shed no tears for Kevin Spacey nor the gay community. Spacey not only outed himself but outed many in the gay community who DO prey on young boys. They believed there was virtue in keeping some things in the closet but it’s all being blown up to a point where not even the gaystapo can bully into silence.

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