Dem Candidate Lies About Commission of Racist ‘Latino Victory’ Ad

Over the years, racebaiting has been a proven sign of Democrat electoral desperation.

They’re going to put y’all back in chains.
Vice President Joe Biden, 8/13/12

The 2017 Virginia gubernatorial campaign is no different. Between the constant emails of exasperation being sent by the Virginia Democrat Party and a clearly racist ad produced by the Latino Victory Project on behalf of candidate Ralph Northam, scaring minorities is what Democrats to best… that is, until it blows up in their faces.

Current events being fluid, it did.

A Democratic-aligned advocacy group has canceled a controversial video showing a truck chasing down minority children after Tuesday’s truck attack in New York City.

The Latino Victory Fund, the group behind the ad that depicted a pickup truck with a Confederate flag and a bumper sticker for GOP gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie, had come under fire from Republicans who said the ad implied that Gillespie supporters want to commit violence against children. The group hinted that the deadly New York attack was behind its decision to pull the ad from the internet.
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/31/17

The Northam campaign publicly denied any coordination with the Latino Victory Fund ad.

The Northam campaign on Wednesday claimed that it did not approve the ad, saying that it was instead an “in-kind” donation from Latino Victory to the campaign, reports the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel.

So, who ya’ gonna believe?

Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, Ralph Northam, denies authorizing a disturbing TV ad that depicted his opponent’s supporters as murderous neo-Confederates…

… but state campaign finance reports suggest the campaign coordinated with the group responsible for producing the ad.

By disclosing the truck video as a $62,729 in-kind donation from Latino Victory, the Northam campaign confirmed that the ad was not produced independently of the campaign, but was “expressly requested or suggested” to Latino Victory.
The Daily Caller, 11/2/17

In other words, the Northam campaign asked Latino Victory to make the ad and Latino Victory obliged as a campaign donation write-off.

Malcolm X was just one of many blacks who outed the Democrat’s dismal record of political racebaiting.

In whiter districts (which most of them live in) Democrats actually have had to make good on campaign promises made in competitive contests. However, they also enjoy undeserved loyalty in black and Latino districts and thus have no reason to make good on their promises of better schools, higher paying jobs, fighting crime, etc. The one thing Democrats have done rather successfully is align minorities with liberal nonprofits that advocate higher rates of abortion and expanded social programs that keep them buried in an economic quagmire of futility.

In a recent email from the Northam campaign, supposedly from US Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), she explains what the Virginia gubernatorial election is all about.

In just 4 days, Virginians will cast their ballots for their next governor. At a time when progressive values are constantly under siege, we have to focus all our energy on preserving progress wherever we can. That’s why I’m reaching out on Ralph Northam’s behalf.

Progressive values are always worth fighting for, and I know Ralph’s committed to safeguarding these values. And we need you in this fight with us.

I think it safe to say these kind of “progressive values” are nothing any community in the United States would want and while Northam claims to be a champion of the children, yet another Friday night email from the campaign dropped into our inbox.

I know that you know that Ralph Northam has been a champion for Planned Parenthood patients—an unapologetic champion. There are no more easy days in this country—you have to stand and fight, and Ralph has stood proudly with Planned Parenthood his entire life.
Cecile Richards, “Planned Parenthood Votes”

We’ve never understood how one can be for “the children” only after they’re born.

What’s sad is ads like the ones produced by the Latino Victory Project work because there are too many minorities who’ve bought the Democrat line and want to get on their knees and scramble for the crumbs liberals toss to assuage their well-deserved guilt.

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