Rep. Alan Lowenthal on Republicans: ‘We’re going to kill them next election’

The Democrat left and their media love to lecture the nation whenever possible. They direct the nation with their brand of morality, or lack thereof, and deny responsibility when life imitates their art. They decry sexual abuse by Democrats in Hollywood today yet excused it in when millions of parents had to explain what a “blow job” was to children who got off school buses in 1998.

Elected Republican senators have been recent targets of shooting and beatings and one would think elected Democrats would tone their political taunts down since. Sadly, this is not the case as one Democrat after another appeared at an anti “tax reform” rally on Capitol Hill November 15th and the word of the day appeared to be “kill”.

California Democrat congressman Alan Lowenthal took direct aim….

Yes, Lowenthal was talking about about “killing” Republicans at the ballot box but surely he could have found any number of words to convey the sentiment, considering how little it takes for liberals to go off on simple recitations.

Given the by-any-means-necessary justification the left has wrapped themselves in after their last presidential election defeat, violence towards the elected is the natural result and until one of their unhinged accidentally targets a Democrat, the real violence may have only just begun.

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