Accused Harasser Conyers Will Burn Down the House to Keep His Job

Throughout this sexual abuse revelation outbreak, we’ve seen numerous men in the entertainment industry step down in response to the varying allegations. However when it comes to positions where accountability is optional, politicians seem reluctant to assume responsibility and vacate the jobs.

Minnesota senator Al Franken is offering up apologies as often as new accusers come forward, Texas congressman Joe Barton is claiming to be a victim of revenge porn, and neither are entertaining calls demanding their resignations.

In fact, Michigan congressman John Conyers is yet another soiled politician; one that can’t afford to give up his $174,000 salary.

Based on congressional financial disclosure forms and calculations made available by, Conyers’ net worth as of 2012 was estimated between $-15,000 and $-10,000. That averages to $-12,500, which is lower than the average net worth of Democratic representatives in 2012 of $5,700,168.36. Conyers ranked as the 108th most wealthy representative in 2012. Between 2004 and 2012, Conyers’ calculated net worth decreased by an average of 98 percent per year. Between 2004 and 2012, the average annual percentage increase for a member of Congress was 15.4 percent.

One can only imagine what financial obligations (or creative bookkeeping) are constantly keeping Representative Conyers’ bank account in the red.

Sorry, this stinks.

From what we’ve seen over the years, it’s not clear what skills (outside of government) Conyers has to offer that would warrant a $174,000 yearly salary and perks which just may be why his lawyer is not-so-subtlety warning the House of Representatives to back up off the brutha’ or else.

The fact this statement from “civil rights” attorney Arnold E. Reed was released via Tweet from Yamiche Alcindor, a New York Times “reporter covering Congress, race & social justice issues”, we have a good idea where this could be headed.

This will be a race thing and Conyers has a lot less to lose than those that may have fingers pointed at them. It’ll be very telling to see who backs down first and why.

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  1. cajuan.king

    John Conyers today 11/30/2017 was admitted to a Detroit Hospital with an erection lasting more then 13 hours !

  2. Thom Coburn

    Uh oh. I see a bow tie. It’s about to get real.


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